July 18, 2019

🧭 (BREAK-IN) ~ What Weird Changes Happened From The MSM & Alternative News While You Were Sleeping? (verdensalt) ~ | Blogger: 1️⃣ 4 horsewomen' of Dem 'squad' poll low amid Trump tweetfest, party of DNC doing worse after Trump wins impeachment ... 2️⃣ Red Cross (& UN) "demands" the new danish Socialist-Communist govt, and their 15 ranked highest paid PM, to bing Children of ISIS fighters in Syria, HOME. ‘Among world’s most vulnerable’. Govt-SILENT... 3️⃣ Goldfish--Ambassador from the red Dragon Family and White Dragon Society's Benjamin Fulford agrees, that it's time that Trump ends corrupted US Inc. & bankrupts them all, to create a Global Currency Reset. Rob Kirby at USAWatchdog, says there will be inflation - the $21 trillion missing, is the BIGGEST story on the PLANET. Lynette Zang at 22report says. Gold is the DESTROYER. ZeroHedge--Foreigners dump US treasurys, liquidate a record $216 billion in US stocks in 13 consecutive months.. 4️⃣ In the meanwhile, Nordea Bank Abp stock drops this morning & Danske Bank A/S, largest money laundering scandal ever in Europe, and as possibly the largest in world history, are 'Dead in the water' after company's profits fall by a quarter & 76,000 Netbank customers lost, but still gets voted as 'Digital Financial Institution of the Year' (OMG!)...5️⃣ Prosecutors drop criminal charges against actor Kevin Spacey in sexual assault case (after strange and mysterious witnesses deaths)...6️⃣ Cobra's (The Tower Card) has many new revelationshas in regards to Light Forces takedown of the elites secret Global Pedophile Network, Rothschild as Epstein's handlers & Removing child abuse networks by triggered an earthquake with plasma scalar device near China Lake military base... 7️⃣ Mike Adams recent article, is spot on about the Chernobyl nuclear accident and today's vaccine industry have a lot in common: They both cause mass injury, suffering and death, but it's all covered up by corrupt, complicit governments (everyone who has watched Sky and HBO mini-series, are stunned by the facts)... 8️⃣ Internet joke plan to 'raid' Area 51 (1.6M going - 1.2M interested) gets stern reply from US military (but still a Global Mass Awakening for FULL DISCLOSURE- verdensalt is going- are YOU?) .. 9️⃣ Opioid makers dumped 76 billion pills onto U.S. market over 7 critical years, data shows (60,000 are dependent on morphine in Denmark. More opioid-dependent than neighboring countries. Generous doctors and aggressive pharmaceutical industry is part of the explanation)...🔟 House of Representatives orders Pentagon to investigate whether ticks were once used as biological weapons (No shit, Sherlock!--Biological warfare has existed forever. HIV/AIDS, SARS, Avian flu, Ebola etc. do not really exist, as per say, a more like scare tactics pumped up in the MSM media used to sell dangerous drugs/vaccines)... |


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