Jun 22, 2019

👼 Veronica-weerdesteijn | ~ 💗 A beautiful message from one of my soul members in Le Pontet 💕 ~ | Blogger: [💜Verdensalt Sending out LOVE by Supplying with, I AM affirmation, I AM Presence💜] ... I AM Divine ... I AM unique ... I Am unity cons- ciousness ... I AM Christ consciousness ... I AM enabling LOVE to receive and give unconditional LOVE ... I AM pure light ... I AM totally devoted to heal myself and to my mission ahead ... I AM receiving downloads from the Central Sun of Pleiades and the Andromeda galaxy, and my true guides and welcome Chisted ones to assist ~ verdensalt.dk | (As never before, that I AM NOW, and so it IS, I AM the LIGHT, the light I AM ~ Matt Kahn) ... |

(Veronica-weerdesteijn) :
Light is what our world needs most! And we all together have the power and the ability to pull this Light to the Earth. 

The soft pink Light of the Goddess, the electric blue Light of the Key to Freedom, the rainbow Light of Consciousness and Healing, the brilliant white Light of Ascension, the golden Light of the Golden Age ... 

Pull it towards you, every day .... 

the portal is open and our power of manifestation is limitless. 

Take this Key to Freedom in your hand and turn it around! Integrate the Goddess energy of Love and Compassion in your daily life. 

Pull the door to the Golden Age wide open and enjoy the unlimited abundance and prosperity that is waiting there for us!

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