Jun 30, 2019

👳 News.com.au | ~ Islamic State is poised to make a ‘devastating’ comeback, new report warns ~ | Blogger: [⚔️ISIS is funded by US/Israeli/global Intelligence services (as players) & was a Deep State Cabal Proxy Army, before they lost Control over it🛡️] ... {Major False Flag coming in London, New York and elsewhere? To be blamed On Russia, Iran & Trump} ... Christchurch Mosque Shootings PSYOP -- The New Zealand Terrorist Attack happened the day after the United Grand Lodge of England, the Masonic head office, turned 101,190 days old (or the day the news was reported in North America) and 1119 weeks after gun control measures in Australia concluded following the hoax massacre at Port Arthur =1019 on the 119th day and 10 years 1 month 19 days before Virginia Tech. And it’s got MOSSAD written all over it, or as it’s known in Hebrew: HaMossad leModiʿin uleTafkidim Meyuḥadim =11090. All-Seeing Eye =119. Star of David =119. Holy =119. Call of Duty =119. Ardern =119. The Illuminati =1190. (DID YOU KNOW: A”Mossad spy ring” was unearthed in the Christchurch Earthquake: read here). Brenton =911. Brenton Tarran, the shooter, professed to be a member of the Reborn Knights Templar =119 (the Templars founded in 1119 CE and went on to become modern Freemasonry, the Masons with their fingerprints all over this as well). We also see references to Mind Control, people theorising that the shooter was a Manchurian candidate, those as always, the true mind control target is the captive home audience. Psychological Operations =119. Project MK-Ultra =1119. Hoax =1190/119. False Flag Attack =119. Terror Hoax =1119 ~ (according to extracapsa)... |

Islamic State has set conditions for a comeback that “could be faster and even more devastating” than its first appearance, a new report warns.

The report argues the terror group’s members scattered many of its fighters and their families on purpose, and are now well-prepared for battle.

“IS deliberately withdrew and relocated many of its fighters and their families,” the reports states.

“IS’s forces are now dispersed across both countries and are waging a capable insurgency,” it says. “IS retained a global finance network that funded its transition back to an insurgency and managed to preserve sufficient weapons and other supplies in tunnel systems and other support zones in order to equip its regenerated insurgent force.”

The study argues IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been systematically reforming the group to get ready for a new wave of violence across the Middle East.

“The slow-motion reduction of IS’s territory and strength initiated by President Obama and continued by President Trump gave the group plenty of time to plan and prepare for the next phase of the war,” the study says. “IS’s forces are now dispersed across both countries and are waging a capable insurgency … IS began reconstituting key capabilities in late 2018 that will enable it to wage an even more aggressive insurgency in coming months.”


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