Jun 4, 2019

Clive P. Maund | ~ BLOODBATH LOOKS IMMINENT - FULL DEFENSIVE MODE...is the order of the day ~ | Blogger: [๐ŸŒ…Dawn of the New Spiritual Golden Age๐Ÿ”ฎ]... {"Gold extends win streak to fourth day, ending at more than 3-month high ~ marketwatch". "Metals Focus: Palladium To Outperform Platinum Again In 2019" ~ kitco.com} ... It doesn't take a genius to figure out that Silver, Blue Gold (coltan) are the next MAJOR rise! The impending crash will be much more severe and have much more serious consequences. The storm clouds are gathering, but the world's economies have far fewer shelters from disaster than they did in 1929... |

Just so pure. Injoy the peace and beauty available through our own deep sacred connections within. Remembering occurs in many ways. This is just one...๐Ÿ’›



The market is now in position to crash. This is not something that will arrive as “a bolt out of the blue” – it has been setting up to do this for a long time. On the 6-month chart for the Dow Jones Industrials below we can see that on Friday it broke down from a Head-and-Shoulders top that had been forming since February, and the longer-term 5-year chart for the S&P500 index lower down the page makes clear that a giant top started to form with the January 2018 peak, which means that it has been setting up for a bearmarket for fully 16 months now.


Handelskrigen har for alvor ramt aktiemarkederne
De toneangivende aktieindeks har tabt 6 pct. i maj, og investorerne har trukket store milliardbelรธb ud af aktiemarkederne i udviklingslandene. Panikken er ved at brede sig.

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