Jun 4, 2019

ApexTV | ~ Time Traveler From 2033 Gives Timeline of Future Events ~ | .. We at ApexTV were recently sent an email containing this audio file. It tells the story of a man claiming to be a time traveler from the year 2033. In the recording, he gives amazing details about the future .. | Blogger: Yeah right!... Mark of the Beast cyborg 5G brainchip theme shows... Did watch this video, like 1.3 million did, when it came out... For me (verdensalt) it's absolutely ridiculous... It's a test to keep us in the loop, not allowing us to be disconnected from the Primary Contracts and removal of our implants, that creates cracks in the Matrix.. Kabbalah propaganda mach- inery to make us fall for the idea, we all need to be technology advanced humans and chipped for ever, and controlled by a higher hierarchy Archon NWO.. As one comment goes: What a horrendous future. There is very little connection with the human spirit and the earth. It sounds like a nightmare. I hope it never happens except for the free food.... |

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