Jun 23, 2019

👼 Broder Bilal | ~ 💗 A Huge Step in the Ascension Process – Many where Guided to create Gatherings all over the World for Summer Solstice Activation 💕 ~ | Blogger: PS: (according to The Earth Plan blog & Schrödinger's ÖTHER Cat) -- That this black line (SHM picture below) occurred on the Solstice makes me think that there's more to it than just a glitch, interruption, malfunction. going offline etc. There are suggestions by Schrödinger's ÖTHER Cat that these black lines are timeline jumps. I'd like to think that it's literally "going offline", like mini-resets, or mini-reboots for upgrade adjustments, or patches to fix bugs. That's me being positive :) " (theearthplan.blogspot) ... |



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