Oct 8, 2018

Business Insider Deutschland | Oct 8, 2018 | ~ A supervolcano that could destroy humanity is ready to erupt — and NASA is trying to figure out how to contain it ~ | Blogger: πŸ’¨Haiti struck by strong earthquake, Capital Port-au-Prince shaken up πŸ’¨ Death toll from Indonesia mag 7.4 quake, tsunami and landslides likely to be around 10,000, at least, 5,000 still missing πŸ’¨ Tropical Storm Michael Strengthening in Northwestern Caribbean Sea, Could Threaten Northeastern Gulf Coast as a Hurricane Midweek πŸ’¨ Hurricane Sergio threatens southwestern U.S. ... |

Below Yellowstone National Park, there's a huge magma reservoir that has the potential to destroy humanity.
  • Yellowstone erupts roughly every 600,000 years, and it's about 600,000 years since it last exploded.
  • An eruption at Yellowstone National Park could lead to the end of human civilisation.
  • However, NASA has a plan that could prevent such an explosion and could also create a geothermal plant to generate electricity.
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