May 25, 2018

RT - Russia Today | 25. May 2018 | ~ Russia ‘responsible’ for deployment of missile system that downed MH17 – Dutch & Aussie statement ~ | .. The Netherlands and Australia declared Russia “responsible” for deployment of a missile system that downed flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine in 2014. Earlier, the Dutch-led probe said the system belonged to a unit in W. Russia .. | Blogger: [☠️Inside The Deep-State Conspiracy That Made Its Way To EU/NATO - And All The Rothschild Controlled Khazarian Mafia Institutions Around the World⚠️] ... (Narrative is the dirt path that leads us through the impenetrable forest, so we move forward and don't feel lost) -- Benjamin Fulford: ".. The White Dragon Society may provide Obama with protection if he agrees to appear at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan and tell the world the truth about things like Malaysian Air Flight 370/17, who his real father was, who put him in power, etc .." |



BUMI YANG TERCINTA (2) | May 14, 2018 | ~ EXCELLENT MESSAGE OF AIRCRAFT MH370 AND MH17 (translated) ~ | Blogger: According to BF, this Malaysian-language website shows they know exactly what happened to Malaysian Air Flight 370 (In other words, we are going to have a world leader publicly state that the plane was taken to the U.S. military base on Diego Garcia, flown to Tel Aviv, then flown to Florida and repainted as Malaysian Air Flight 17, then flown to threaten world leaders in Holland before being blown up in the Ukraine in an attempt to smear Russia) ... |

8 March 2014

00.35am: Flight Malaysia Airlines (MAS) MH370 carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew members has departed from KLIA Airport and is due to arrive to Beijing at 6.30am.

1.19am : MH370 was able to communicate with the control tower at KLIA for the last time.

1.35am : One hour after departure, Flight MH370 was hijacked by Mossad (Israeli Intelligence Agent) using a remote control from a military aircraft called AWACS.

All Boeing aircraft have been installed with a chip called "QRS-11 gyro chip". this facilitates the aircraft to be controlled via the remote control.

AWACS military aircraft

The AWACS military aircraft managed to control the entire MH370 aircraft by using the remote control and then starting to turn MH370 towards the sea.

2.00am : Fariq Abdul Hamid, a flight attendant of the flight MH370, has tried to contact someone through telephone calls as it flies as low as 5000 ft in Penang's airspace on that day. It is understood that the Boeing 777-200 ER aircraft was flying at a fairly low altitude to allow mobile phone signals to be detected by a land-based telecommunication transmitter. The call was interrupted before the connection was successful.

4.00am : Residents of the Maldives islands have told reporters that they have seen an airplane flying too low and they say that the color is the same as the Malaysian Airline System.