Dec 7, 2018

verdensalt \\ theearthplan | ~ AMAzing SkyWatching From Malaysia & 12 kilometers (7,5) Above Atlantic Ocean ~ | Blogger: Received this picture from a friend, (above Atlantic Ocean near Brazil)... Take a look at the strange looking clouds, that could easily hide a spaceship or something extraordinary phenomena... |

@  Above Atlantic Ocean 


More SkyWatching 

The first photo was shared in a closed group ~ unfortunately, I was unable to determine its source or location. All I know is that this is somewhere in Malaysia, judging from the registration numbers of the vehicles, which I've cropped out.

The one below was taken in a small town in Malaysia, and the clock tower is popularly known as the Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan. Thank you to Chooi for sending me the photo!

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