Dec 5, 2018

RT | ~ ‘They are undesirable & they must feel it’: Denmark to ship unwanted refugees to remote island ~ | Blogger: [🤯Archons plant negative voices in your head to make you generate negative emotional energy🐛] ... Does the truth always come out or can you live with a lie??? (denmark = utopia = wealth = master race = greedy for money = happiness) ... Fascism in Denmark? Corruption in Denmark? Denmark, is like Israel, part of the strongest 3D Matrix of Illusion or simulation of strongholds from corrupted Banking industries, food poisoning agenda, cancer medical-industrial complex, warring countries, police militarization, false flag intended intelligence agencies, agenda 2030, 'world's worst' for making friends and general xenophobic politicians and society norms... The Archons, LOVE this why?? Because the Archons is still our rulers, they are energy parasites and must turn your energy negative in order to utilize it as food. Their survival depends on draining and feeding off of your negative energy. These are the same negative spirits known by the Gnostics in ancient times as Archons and demons in today's biblical literature.... THE EVENT will help removing all this and Danes require to surrender, heal and move on, like the rest of the world... 💜Don't be discouraged of the drama from the simulation of the Matrix. Always stay connected to Source creator consciousness. Unfold your own path. Most importantly, understand that, the Ego, cannot go with you through Spiritual Awakening... The 'rulers' will always attempt to separate us all from unity consciousness in the dream stage and mind, where the Ego resides and cannot let go... 🔦 PS: What can we do as spiritual awakening individuals fighting the evil of the world? Remove all your attachments, contracts and totally surrender to the light forces and ask our ascended masters for assistance... 1. Spiritual (soul) Contracts Revocation ... 2. If you have Steller Healing Rays, use them 1-3 times a day... 3. Removal of implants (body inside a hexagonal blue electric light) to create cracks in the Matrix... 4. Affirmations, manifestations - DECISION, INTENTION, ACTION... Take charge of your own soul, body and mind... |

Denmark will send rejected asylum seekers to live on a remote island. Located in the freezing Baltic Sea, the island is currently home to animal research laboratories and crematoria.

"If you are unwanted in Danish society, you should not be a nuisance to ordinary Danes,” immigration minister Inger Støjberg wrote in a Facebook post on Friday. “They are undesirable in Denmark and they must feel it!”


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