Oct 19, 2018

Meg Benedicte | Oct 19, 2018 | ~ Goddess Creative Spark ~ | .. In just a few weeks the cosmos blesses humanity with the sacred 11:11:11 Stargate. Take this time to prepare your energy for the powerful activations of ‘Mastery’ .. |

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Hello Tim,

Although it may not have felt like it, we’ve been in a lull preparing for the year-end stargate events. The month of October is time to catch up, adjust, regain equilibrium and gear up for the coming cosmic activations November - January. For the past 19 months the Lunar Nodes (karma/dharma) held court in the Leo/Aquarius axis, providing powerful eclipses that targeted misuse of power and dis-empowerment. As we clear and release past trauma and power struggles, we are learning how to embody soul empowerment.

On November 15th, the Lunar Nodes move from Leo/Aquarius and cross over into the Cancer/Capricorn axis. The South Node typically involves ‘unresolved issues’, while the North Node provides the ‘solutions’. The North Node enters Cancer and the South Node shifts into Capricorn until mid-2020. Upcoming eclipses in Cancer/Capricorn highlight issues of healthy boundaries and self-love, while breaking free of oppressive control and domination.

Transforming personal power issues (Leo) into balanced internalized power involves Cancer’s maternal compassion and acceptance. Replacing society’s collapsing patriarchal system (Capricorn) with a new harmonious culture requires balancing the feminine/masculine energies. To achieve this balance, we all need to integrate more feminine presence (Cancer) in the body, heart, mind. After centuries of power imbalances, the ‘wounded feminine’ is transforming into the divine feminine essence.

During Stargate activations, diamond plasma light streams into the planetary field from the galactic bursts of gamma photons. The light infusion of crystalline codes and consciousness is altering human DNA and awakening higher awareness. During peak periods of solar flares/solar winds, the photon light transfers new consciousness into the DNA, instructing how matter forms in the physical world. You are being transformed from the inside out. The surge of high-intensity light flushes away low-vibrational energies that purge from the body and aura.

As we purge density, we feel lighter, free of past burdens and attain a more balanced state of being. The heart infusion enhances more balanced feminine/masculine energies, dissolving duality and creating zero point neutrality in the heart. The heart chakra is the center of the Merkaba, the spiritual vehicle that transports our consciousness from one dimension to another. The heart’s zero point field opens an inter-dimensional portal to the quantum field of ‘All That is’.

As above, so below! The cosmic stargates act as galactic portals to the multiverse. We can tap into abundant ‘free energy’ that is generated by the Merkaba rotating magnetic fields…harmonic resonance unlocks the power. By balancing the feminine/masculine energies within your heart center, your energy field pulses in harmony with infinite quantum potential.

In just a few weeks the cosmos blesses humanity with the sacred 11:11:11 Stargate. Take this time to prepare your energy for the powerful activations of ‘Mastery’. I will be broadcasting the Venus Global Activations this Saturday, October 20th to support the integration of the divine feminine in balance and harmony. It is the feminine energy that is birthing a New Earth paradigm. Step into your Soul’s Ascension timeline and accelerate your personal transformation. We will work on both individual and planetary activations during the show.

Join other Gridworkers, Gatekeepers, and Star Beings from all around the world, as we form a ‘group mind’ and create our New Earth. The show is recorded for replay. If you would like to participate, you can register here: https://newearthcentral.com/?p=206962

Lovingly, Meg

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