Sep 2, 2018

SPACE \\ Inside Edition | Sept 2, 2018 | ~ 'UFO' Movie Delves into Math of Universe Navigation (Exclusive Clip) ~ | ~ Moon landing movie stirs controversy by leaving out American flag - One small step for man, one giant sh*tstorm for the internet ~ | ~ Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan Season - VOX: Amazon’s spin on the hero disappoints. HWD: I a Patriotic Nightmare. BOSTON: Critics reacts to John Krasinski’s new story ~ | Blogger: [🎥HOLLYWOOD MOVIES: THE BABYLON DECEPTION. Illuminati Movies. Magic Wand. Holly Wood. Subliminal Messages in Movies. Predictive Programming🍿] ... Sooo, i have committed myself to stream this new Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan series and i think it's okay... BUT, if you're ever watched a Jack Ryan movie (there's been some) there's always ONE hero State. That's the CIA Deep State, all the world's intelligence services against an aggressive Muslim cell, who's been, the normal you and me, living being, student to the western culture and ethics, and then suddenly - BOOM - led us astray with a deeply Islamic fanaticism, intelligent killer instincts who rather blow himself up, but CIA, and the militarized police forces apparatus, prevail and save the day?? There's NEVER a intra-religion conflicts within Muslims, we need to understand, it's ALL THE MUSLIMS FAULT. Hollywood never talk about the Israeli fake jews, crazy christianity, jehovah's witness, Tom Cruise and his obsession about scientology cult, psicosi-pedofilia in India, China's dictatorship or Nazi-Germany fake Muslim order. NOPE... |

In a new clip from the upcoming movie "UFO," releasing digitally and on DVD Sept. 4, characters discuss how aliens could use physical constants to navigate across space.

In the movie, Gillian Anderson (known for "The X Files") stars as a mathematics professor, and the other leads include Alex Sharp as a college student investigating UFO sightings near U.S. airports with his girlfriend (played by Ella Purnell), as an FBI agent (played by David Strathairn) pursues them. The film's science advisor (who has a cameo in this clip!) was columnist Paul Sutter.

The clip, embedded above, discusses a novel idea for space travel: If a fundamental constant of the universe called the fine structure constant was different in different locations, beings could use the changing constant to navigate through space.

The fine structure constant relates to the strength of the electromagnetic force between elementary particles. Research has at times suggested that this constant might vary across the universe — so space travelers could use it to triangulate their location, the characters discuss in the clip. That process could work similarly to how pulsar navigation would work, she adds. In that method, navigators would observe the regularly pulsing neutron stars to figure out their own locations. (A pulsar navigation experiment was recently testedon the International Space Station.)

While we're not sure exactly how navigation by fundamental constant fits in to the movie's suspenseful UFO-spotting premise, we're eager to find out.


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