Sep 6, 2018

Aluna Ash Clairvoyant- 9D | Sep 6, 2018 | ~ Energy Update & Meditation ~ | 2 hours long | .. 10pm EST sorry for doing it later this week. .. | Blogger: [☀️Solar storms, geomagnetic storms, ears ringing, feeling like playing a video game with distrac- tions. Out-of-body experience & 'controllers' harvesting the negative fearful energy from 9/11, codes that comes with 119, energy vibrations, planetary, cycles, timeline manipulations and controlling the collective masses through our unconscious mind🤯] ... [ NOW HUMANS ARE AWAKENING: We have chosen to release ourselves from the matrix, but are still coexisting in the ‘system’, with our physical vessel. At the same time, merging with the shift with the non-psychical) ... Do you wish to understand the enormous spiritual energy shift that takes place now, with humans experiencing advanced energy altering symptoms, listen to Aluna... At 55 marker she also talks a little bit about the political tumult, but not in-Depth, since she's like, do not choose sides, nonpartisan, but keep track of the energy manip- ulators, time and everyone else, has been programmed & the fake world (like a videogame or movie, playing in the background). She also talks about JFK, 9/11, the attempted assassination of Donald Trump (reverse Speech - message from the Subconscious)... Meditation starts around 1:08 marker - 1:38 ... |