Aug 29, 2018

Beforeitsnews| Aug 29, 2018 | Episode 1649a & 1649b | ~ X22Reports Q: It's Almost Showtime! The Trap Is Set Now Comes The Foreshadowing (Think Mirror) | The Good Guys Prepare The Economic Transition As The US Approaches A Death Cross (Videos) ~ | Blogger: A Must-See ... X22 report: THE ONLY WAY TO END ”TRUMP” IS TO HAVE HIS PRESIDENCY “”ANNUL”” - Many people are convinced or witnessing the beginning of the end of Trump... |

Cohen’s lawyer finally admits that his story was not real.

Trump continues with dropping his breadcrumbs about Clinton, Comey and the rest. This is foreshadowing of what is to come.

The feud between Session and Trump continues to keep all eyes of what is really going on.

The news media continues to call McCain a hero and they lashed out at Trump for not keeping the flag at half staff.

Q is letting us know that it is almost showtime and everything that we are seeing is foreshadowing of what is to come, think mirror.

The push to get the last deep state paid mercenary army is happening right now, once they are removed from Idlib the troops will be coming home.


The US yield curve looks like it is getting ready to invert, it is now the flattest since Aug 2007. According to the Fed there is nothing to worry about.

The US economy is in a death cross and the outlook does not look good.

The BIS reports that if Trump’s policies continue the entire globalist system will come down.

Trump announced a deal with Mexico, NAFTA has been replaced with a new deal. This is phase I and most likely this entire deal will be removed in the next go around.

The good guys are preparing the economy for the transition


The Trap Is Set, Now Comes The Foreshadowing, Think Mirror

As The US Approaches A Death Cross,The Good Guys Prepare The Economic Transition