Jul 1, 2018

RT - Russia Today | July 1, 2018 | ~ What consent? Hungary, Poland & Czech Republic deny sealing migrant deal with Merkel ~ | .. Three EU countries have denied reaching any final agreement with Germany on the return of migrants to the country of entry, despite Angela Merkel’s claim she’d received “political consent” from 14 EU nations to strike such a deal .. | Blogger: [🤘Did the Danish ROC-depicted ('Merkel-Raute') PM knew about Merkel's deal, sending DKK 75M to EU, and building closed concentration camps in Africa, fixed beforehand!? Was the CRITICAL episode of Merkel's EMERGENCY meeting, just a HOAX?!!???🤘] ... Lars Løkke Rasmussen, has announced a new European asylum system, by the end of 2018. June 5, 2018 -- "Denmark can send rejected asylum seekers to camps in non-attractive places in Europe The camps will be located outside the EU, and the countries will receive a compensation, says The Prime Minister on the Danish Constitution Day" ... PS: In Denmark, Constitution Day (Danish: Grundlovsdag) is observed on 5 June. The day honors the Danish Constitution, as both the first constitution of 1849 (which stablished Denmark as a constitutional monarchy) and the current constitution of 1953 were signed on this date of their respective years... |

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