Jul 12, 2018

Mélne Portia Lafont | July 12, 2018 | ~ Solar Eclipse in Cancer July 2018 ~ |


Solar eclipse in Cancer - very deep emotions possibly will be unleashed from very profound parts within you. If so, release and let it pass through you. On their way out: breathe, remain in peace, calm and grounded. wait before expressing the intensity of your emotions as these will be quiet intense and so regretting your expressions during this passage is most likely. 🌊😵🙊 ( as seen afterwards)

Blessings for the Eclipse passage. Those whom are consistently doing the inner work and have been training, focusing, shall not have so much of a hard and intense emotional eclipse experience. Remain focused and balanced for those whom are now going to experience their release and detox of intense deep emotions. This serves beneficial and for the individual highest good. DIVINE TIMING. Remember that how you re-act to explosive eruptions of others defines your experience and is utterly your responsibility. Being peacefull is advisable for all so that this passage runs as best as can be. ❤️🍀🙏

Love, Méline