Jul 12, 2018

Destroying the Illusion | July 12, 2018 | ~ Seth Rich Conference / HIV Vaccine / Monsanto Lawsuit / QAnon ~ | Blogger: [There is often a correlation between HIV / AIDS and Tuberculosis. The elite offers a vaccine, which HIV virus, they created in the first place. Boom! Bioengineered Biowarfare Agents] ... MORE PROOF, on how incredibly dangerous vaccines are (weaponized mycoplasmas), not only in Denmark, with the new discovery of the vaccine - ""Tuberculosis Cure"". FACT CHECK: A tuberculosis cure was first developed more than 50 years ago. In over 90 percent of patients, tuberculosis can be cured with appropriate treatment, which consists of taking several different antibiotic drugs for 6 to 12 months (so they claim)... 1. It is therefore fundamental to seek to increase and strengthen its immune system, its self-healing powers. First of all, healthy diet is a prerequisite. 2. Antibiotics, including cathelicidin. 3. Vitamin-D3. 4. Vitamin-B6. 5. Vitamin-C, is also important because humans can not form vitamin C itself and it is our main antioxidant. 6. Vitamin-E - The dyes in fruits and vegetables - bioflavonoids, selenium and zinc are also important.... |

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EXPLOSIVE Research: Chickenpox Vaccine Linked to Widespread Increase in Shingles

(Isabelle Z.) If you ever had chicken pox, you probably have some unpleasant memories of the unrelenting itch and long soaks in an oatmeal bath looking for some relief. Most kids today will never know the misery of a bout of chicken pox because of the chicken pox vaccine, but it looks like all of us could be paying a pretty big price for it in the form of shingles.

SourceNatural News