Jun 28, 2018

TV2 FNYS | 28. Juni 2018 | ~ Danmark fordobler hjælp til flygtninge fra Afrika ~ | (In English:) - 75 million danish kroner, is on its way from Denmark to EU fund, which will """protect refugees and fight human trafficking"" .. | Blogger: [👳NO!!! This i a reverse agenda! A convenient smokescreen for the Government, to trap citizens MIND and issue more CONTROL into the EU PoliceState. - EU Refugees - The scam that never stops trying and Angela Merkel, the daughter of Hitler, is fighting for her last breath, before she's taken DOWN. Is there an agenda to flood Europe with Muslim refugees, as the conspiracy theorists would have us believe?🏴‍☠️] ...YES!... Both NGO's & EU's Deep State power elites, WANTS to bring in armed and dangerous Muslim CHAOS, Modern Day Slavery & Sex Trafficking... Verdensalt.dk has stated these facts many, many times, but Geoffrey West, has repeated this soooo beautifully (i've been guided this morning, to re-read his post) ... | Excerpts from CVN:👀 ".. “Immigration has become an urgent question because, after years with a left-wing government, there are 600,000 migrants who don’t have the right to stay,” said Berlusconi, pledging to deport illegal migrants. “We consider it to be an absolute priority to regain control over the situation..(..).. CVN: ".. To some, perhaps many, who believe the mainstream narrative, they will quickly judge this response as being racist, without truly understanding the agenda that is behind this forced migration of people, mostly from North Africa. Libya was the country that was blocking the movement of migrants into Europe, until Gaddafi was assassinated by the US State Department under Hillary Clinton at that time. Gaddafi promised that if he was eliminated, it would trigger a flood of migrants into Europe and begin a process of destabilization, and he was correct. Gaddafi had been working on a plan of his own, to create an African Union, gold-backed currency that would benefit the continent, but this was unacceptable by the western elitists. Now, young men of a fighting age, are being brought into Europe to cause chaos, rape women, and create fear and insecurity, and this is playing out especially in Germany, France and Sweden. This crisis is not about racism; it is about understanding that racism is the argument being used, to shield an agenda that will see more and more people willingly surrender their rights and freedoms, believing that their governments will shield them, from the very problem that the government itself allowed to be created. One of the sources of this crisis, has been identified as George Soros, who has been funding protest movements and migrants in support of an agenda of destabilization, mostly in Europe, Ukraine and the US so far. Nigel Farage has spoken up in the EU parliament on this, and remains one of the few who has had the courage to do so...(..).." | 💬PS: You Be The Judge (Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, can't help you anymore) ... |

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