Jun 8, 2018

The White House | June 8, 2018 | ~ A raw, unfiltered look at the ‘Crisis Next Door’ ~ | Blogger: [💊BIG PHARMA DELIGHT - JUST SAYING - Alice Marie Johnson was given a presidential pardon and is NOT 'just' a nice grandma. She was sentenced as a female infamous crime lord, smuggled in tons of cocaine from 1991-1994. She was tried on charges of cocaine conspiracy and money-laundering charges⚠️] .. BUT --- The American addiction epidemic kills more than 50 than anything else and it's NOT only a US problem... The heroin consumed in Europe is primarily produced In Afghanistan, which is the largest worldwide supplier of illegal opium. The other producer countries is Myanmar, which mainly supplies the markets in East and Southeast Asia, Pakistan and Laos, followed by Mexico and Colombia, which are considered to be the largest Heroin Suppliers to the United States (UNODC, 2011). The Global opium production is estimated to have fallen since 2007, where it reached a record level, and it is due to, first of all, a decrease in Afghan production from 6 900 tonnes in 2009 to approx. 3 600 tonnes in 2010. The latest Estimates of total potential heroin production are 396 tonnes, which is a decrease of approx. 667 tonnes in 2009 (UNODC, 2011) ... A large part of the Danish population has chronic pain, and many of them use opioids for pain management. There may be serious side effects associated with prolonged Opioid consumption, for example, aggravation, which appears to exacerbate existing pain. The consumption of both strong and weak opioids is higher in Denmark compared to those other Nordic countries. In particular, the consumption of the weak opioid tramadol is significantly higher (2015-16, SUU, Bilag 693 - Kortlægning af opioidforbruget i Danmark) ... |

The Day Ahead

President Donald J. Trump travels to Quebec, Canada, to participate in the 44th G-7 Summit with American allies.

A raw, unfiltered look at the 'Crisis Next Door'

"I thought I had it under control. I didn't know it would be this addictive," Kyle said. "I didn't know how far I'd go to get more."

Kyle is a young man from Dallas, Texas. His story is one of four videos unveiled yesterday by the Trump Administration as part of a joint public awareness campaign on opioid addiction. The ads were produced in partnership with the Office of National Drug Control Policy, the Ad Council, and the Truth Initiative. The goal is to show young adults how destructive an opioid addiction can become.

Each video features a true story of different young adults that go to extreme measures to get access to a prescription. Highly addictive drugs can have this effect, particularly on young people. According to the Truth Initiative, an opioid addiction can take hold in as little as five days.

These ads will be the first of many from the White House. "There are many, many facets to the opioid crisis, all requiring varied and unique solutions," said Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway, who is leading the White House opioids effort.

See the 30-second ads and learn more about the campaign.

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