Jun 30, 2018

OOM2 \\ TALES FROM OUT THERE BLOGUE \\ Disclose TV | June 30, 2018 | ~ Oumuamua, The First Known Interstellar Visitor Has Just Unexpectedly Accelerated And Changed Its Direction ~ | Blogger: If you REALLY want the TRUTH (outside US MIC, MSM media and NASA's propaganda)... Go to Divine Cosmos, David Wilcock & Corey Goode, and read: ".. Corey Goode Mega-Update: Ancient Builder Race- Recovering Humanity’s Billion-Year Legacy.."... |

An international team of scientists using data accrued by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope and other less powerful observatories has found that the first known interstellar object to travel through this solar system, an object called ‘Oumuamua (pronounced oh-MOO-ah-MOO-ah) has gained a surprising boost in its speed and has switched its trajectory.