Jun 30, 2018

CBS Los Angeles | June 30, 2018 | ~ Paranormal Investigator Claims To Find ‘Time Warp’ Near Las Vegas ~ | Blogger: [🛦L.A. proximity to Nellis Air Force Base. The Unofficial Area 51, Area S4. Verdensalt.dk has talked to a guy from EG&G Janet Airline and their secrets🛸] ... This enigmatic air-base has become a pivotal piece in the UFO jigsaw. Area 51 is located in Nevada, taking up the kind of acreage that a small country would be proud of, and in fact is the size of Switzerland. Until recently, according to official U.S. statements, it didn’t actually exist. Unofficially it is an operational testing range for the cutting edge technological developments of America’s armed forces. The facilities centered around the Groom Lake area are amongst the most secretive in the world, requiring a level of security so remarkable that Area 51 has become a modern day myth in its own right. Access to the base is by authorized personnel only, via a daily shuttle where at least 500 people arrive at the guarded terminal owned by EG&G on the northwest side of McCarran Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada. Here they board one of a small fleet of unmarked Boeing 737-200s. Using three digit numbers prefixed by the word "Janet" as their call signs, the 73s fly off North every half hour. There is no perimeter fence, just a vast mileage of desert in all directions inaccessible to the public. This ‘no man’s land’ around Groom Lake is patrolled constantly by infamous camouflaged guards, (nicknamed cammo dudes) who travel in Cherokee Jeeps to monitor the borders and stop any unwanted visitors getting inside of the base. They are supported by electronic surveillance systems, including motion sensors and other monitoring equipment that is said to have the ability to pick up human sweat. Military units and air support are also present. Warning signs on the edge of Area 51 tell of heavy penalties for intruders, including the authorization for the deadly use of force. No one denies that the U.S. Government aims to keep this site secure at all costs. No one gets in. Period. Recently, some very good aerial satellite images of the area have been available through Google Earth (far below images), which is an amazing 3D map of Earth that has most areas mapped down to a resolution of just a few thousand feet. Most of the pictures on this page in fact were captured from the program because they are the most up-to-date satellite imagery taken of the base... |

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