Jun 1, 2018

NN | June 1, 2018 CET | ~ BETRAYED: Whole Foods suspends GMO labeling promise, will continue selling unlabeled GMOs after five-year LIE to its own customers ~ | Blogger: [Whole Foods Market | America's Healthiest Grocery Store⁉️] ... YES, i'll heard about these rumors before, but 'God Damnit'.. I (verdensalt.dk), go there all the time, when i'm in U.S. Incorp... πŸ˜• |

Details on Whole Foods' suspension of GMO labeling (and other news)
Mike Adams
Whole Foods has betrayed America.
Jumping in with Monsanto and the corrupt USDA, Whole Foods just suspended its GMO labeling program, breaking a five-year promise to its own customers.
Are any of us surprised to find out that yet another corporation we once admired has turned to pure EVIL?

Also today, don't miss the breaking news article called "Mind-Altered America," which details how big pharma drugs like Ambien are turning America into a nation of zombies.