Jun 9, 2018

Laura Loomer - Investigative Journalist \\ AscensionWitHearth | Illuminate Media | May 31, 2018 | ~ Vegas Docs Reveal Stephen Paddock Told Uber Driver About A "Terrorist Attack For Mandalay Bay" ~ | Blogger: 🤐 #LasVegasShooting False Flag Massacre 🔫 - Bombshell Disclosures by Laura Loomer ✋PS: Las Vegas is the deadliest shootings in modern U.S. history with, at least 59 deaths, (so they claim) and nobody is talking about it anymore (second - Orlando Shooting - 49 deaths)... Verdensalt.dk was THERE, two weeks prior to the shootings in 2017 at Mandalay Bay hotel. What i saw with my own eyes, the Hotel had one of the BEST security and surveillance on the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada ... This was a 'terror' act, conducted by the Deep State in Washington D.C. and Real State of Nevada ... |

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Vegas Docs Reveal Stephen Paddock Told Uber Driver About A "Terrorist Attack For Mandalay Bay"

Las Vegas shooting crime scene
A witness statement that is part of a batch of newly released police documents concerning the Las Vegas shooting reveals that in the days before the Las Vegas shooting, Stephen Paddock and a woman were picked up by an Uber driver who said Paddock “commented on the Mandalay Bay Area for a terrorist attack” as he was being dropped off at the Mandalay Bay.

The witness statement is one of many previously unspoken statements that were released nearly one week ago after a judge ordered them to be released.

Newly released LVMPD witness statement from Uber driver who picked up Stephen Paddock

“I got a request to pick up Paddock at Terminal #1 pick-up area for Uber, not sure what day or time. I picked up a man and a woman with a big blue suitcase, old looking, and heavy, and he commented on the Mandalay Bay area for a terrorist attack and [was] dropped at the Mandalay Bay,” the Uber driver stated in her report filed with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. “Maybe check Uber records.” --Witness Uber driver who had contact with Stephen Paddock