Jun 9, 2018

Girls don't care about politics - Inessa S | June 8, 2018 | ~ Putin hints at END OF DOLLAR SYSTEM - Direct Line 2018, Part 1 ~ | .. For those of you looking specifically for the views on the dollar system, it begins around 20:40 .. | Blogger: [🦅Superpower Presidential Pissing Contest. The Power of the Banker Elites & The Enemy of the Deep State is?🐻] ... (From Wishful-thinking to Reality) ... Verdensalt.dk has ONLY a keen eye to Russia, because me must 'HATE' them - In case of war, break glass.. The Eastern Bloc, Middle East and China etc. - Everybody and everyone who's NOT benefiting the Bankster Power Elites... WAR is driving the Western Elites, instead of PEACE... We are human beings so we protect the innocent people and avoid from any danger or chaos. However, we are facing the so-called man–made disaster known as (fake) terrorism in this age whose intensity is very huge and fierce. The act of fake terrorism, NSA's fake war on terror, fake cyber-warfare and fake warmongering against the Eastern Block etc., is spreading in various countries in the world. We are responsible for safeguarding the innocent and peace-loving peoples. If we really want to see our world in peaceful situation, we should not express wishful-thinking all the time. Instead of saying wishful-thinking, we must practically work together in harmonious unanimity for peace building process among nations. Let’s try to be a humane, helpful and kind person to other humans!!!! ... 🕊️ |

Vladimir Putin has held his 16th annual Direct Line Q&A on June 7th, 2018. The entire conference was 4.5 hours long and this year has included all regional governors and heads of Ministries to be available live via video conference. As it’s quite difficult to condense 4 odd hours of filming, I have picked mostly segments that relate to foreign policy and those that may be interesting to the foreign viewer. Questions are collated via phone call centres a number of days in advance, social media as well as live calls. Most of them are grouped into themes and are answered at a later date, unless they make it to the live show.
In this segment, Putin answers questions on the topics of international security, human rights in the EU, sanctions, anti-Russian rhetoric and the implications of financial manipulation. For those of you looking specifically for the views on the dollar system, it begins around 20:40.