Jun 18, 2018

Alien UFO Sightings | June 18, 2018 | ~ Sun Shili, Former Chinese Government Official: ETs Walk Among Us ~ | .. A former Chinese official has come forward to reveal new evidence that extraterrestrials walk amongst the peoples of Earth. These beings are everywhere—from lowly factory workers to the highest echelons of industry and government.. The Chinese people accept the mysterious with open arms. They’ve always been interested in the odd, the bizarre, the unexplainable. Their ancient literature and texts—some of the oldest in the world outside the ancient writings of Sumeria and Tibet—are crammed with accounts of otherworldly visitors, amazing encounters with ETs and strange visitors suddenly appearing in remote Chinese villages .. | Blogger: The World is changing and disclosure is getting closer... 🛸👽 |

Above photo: Aerial view of Xianyang Pyramid complex revealing flat landing platform