May 31, 2018

Black Pigeon Speaks | May 31, 2018 | ~ ITALY: The Election That Will CRASH THE EU ~ | .. Italian minister defends methods that led to 87% drop in migrants from Libya .. Italy crisis: Call to impeach president after candidate vetoed .. | Blogger: ⚠️ ... On a side note, once again, observe how the NGO's 'seems' to run a big enterprise business of people smuggling from (some of them - extreme hostile cultures) one country to another, in this case Italy - in dire economic straits, to absorb more than 600.000 migrants in the past 4 years... 🛑 PS: We KNOW as a FACT, that Nigerian gangs (organized crime), join forces with mafia to run vice rings in Sicily and that's perhaps why Pamela Mastropietro had to die? (i don't know a lot about the case). But it seems to me, that the NGO's plays a dangerous game, if there are part of a human trafficking ring, to make a quick buck and create FEAR among italians?? ... 🤐 DID YOU KNOW, that it was EU, who created the refugee & immigrant crisis, in the first place? ... ⏹️ DID YOU KNOW, that EU & NGO's has created a HUGE scam of illegal human trafficking system at the Libyan coastline, and other countries, with among many, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, CEO of Save the Children International, former Prime Minister of Denmark, as contributor???.. The danish Attorney, lawyer Klaus Ewald, who has reported Helle Thorning's organization to the police, believes that the former prime minister uses collected funds for a particularly serious type of smuggling??? ... |