May 31, 2018

Alltime Conspiracies | Aug 12, 2017 | ~ Has Anonymous Found Proof Of Aliens? ~ | Blogger: πŸ‘½On a side note, Joni Patry, Vedic Astrology for June 2018 Predictions, has just stated that disclosure, will happen this summer, (we are NOT alone) with EMP - hits on the electronic grid and lots of volcano eruptions. A huge number of icon celebs will DIE in the next 3 months and assassination attempt around the world (SO MUCH FEAR) .. Stock market crashing.. Great movies with transformational, thought-provoking themes of love, belonging, fulfillment and the nature of being human.. Also, lots of LOVE connections ... πŸ’“ |

They're the group of activists that have performed some pretty high profile hacks. But could they have hacked their way to proving that extraterrestrial life exists? 
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