Nov 19, 2017 | 18. Nov 2017 | Ny radiomast på Bornholm skal aflytte russerne | Blogger: "If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with your enemy. Then he becomes your partner. Nelson Mandela"... Everyone wants to thrive though peace, prosperity, love, acceptance, and we all wish freedom, for those hapless people, who wants ""WAR""... Scandinavian counterterrorism officials are aiming to become ONE BIG SURVEILLANCE & MONITORING BUFFER STATION for NATO and US partners.. Welcome to the biggest military equipment upgrading and recruitment ad since the Cold War with billions of kroner in their hands... (In English:) 💩DENMARK💩 The Danish Defense Intelligence Service (FE) has ordered a new 85 meter tall radio tower or forward listening station at Østermarie, Bornholm (Island in Denmark). Through the Cold War, the tower served as the easternest listener in NATO, it is believed that observations from the tower played an important role during the Soviet Union's occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1968. In 2017, the re-establishment of the tower, can be used to capture radio signals in the Baltic Sea and a part into Russia (#Russophobia crazy warmongering warring nations in Scandinavia)... So, we assume, that the scandinavian governmental body and their lackeys, the military intelligence services, use the listen station, ""ONLY"" for military purposes?? ..'Denmark's secretest married couple was at the forefront of an surveillance and monitoring empire at Amager, Denmark, for decades'. Mr and Mrs Haugsted stood in the forefront of a Danish Defense, Central Radio service. It was the golden egg of the defense during the Cold War and remains an important part of the spy system. Politiken has visited the closed listening center at Amager and read the Creator's will.( Let me get this straight -- Armed military to replace cops on Danish streets and border and specialized helos and surveillance planes (Britten-Norman Defender - cost of taxpayers money - 15.361 DKK per hour, to use. AS-550 Fennec - 4.828 DKK per hour, C-604 Challenger) with highly sophisticated monitoring devices, listening in on the danes internet devices within the Copenhagen borders, for months and months. Well, partly due to the continuing incidents with gang related shootings the large visitationszones in Copenhagen has been prolonged and expanded not only in the center of Copenhagen, but several other suburbs and other cities in Denmark.. 'The Danish security giant is a supplier to Israeli prisons'. G4S sells security and surveillance equipment to a number of prisons in the West Bank and in Israel, where it is documented that Palestinians are being ""subjected to torture"" and being detained without access to judicial assistance.. " .. NSA sources are now saying the mass shooting that took place in Las Vegas on October 1 was an attempt by mercenaries working for the G4S security company ( hired by George Bush Sr. to create a distraction in order to kill U.S. President Donald Trump and Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Sultan (MBS). Trump and MBS were meeting in secret at the suites in the Mandalay Bay Hotel, owned by MBS, to discuss the mass arrest of the perpetrators of the 9/11 terror attacks, these sources say ( 17/11/13 -- Benjamin fulford)..".. 'In all secrecy, Denmark has exported equipment to monitor a whole population to the Gulf States, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatar'. The equipment packages come from a company in Nørresundby, and the sale of advanced technology has gained a green light from the Danish authorities. That's according to and in collaboration with the British television station BBC... 💫NORWAY💫 (Norway is a very important listener for US intelligence, confirming documents from American whistleblower, Edward Snowden).. We all heard about Norwegian base has become US Marines' Hub in Europe and U.S. stationing tanks and artillery in classified Norwegian caves (Værnes Air Station). Norway also bought for 200 billion worth of "useless" F-35's which is places in tents (no hangars😏). During the Cold War, Norway built a secret naval base, Olavsvern, that was carved into the mountain just outside the city of Tromsø, in the Arctic Circle. The base—comprised of a submarine hangar made of rock, direct sea access, nearly 150,000 sq ft of buildings and almost double that in bombproof interior space—took 30 years and cost NATO around $500 million to build to fight the threat of the Soviet Union.. Why do you think Stoltenberg has succeed secretary-general Anders Fogh Rasmussen? Both countries (Denmark, Norway) has VERY strong relation ties to the Israeli, NATO and US military industry. Norway has unimaginable many secrets within the military. Caves, underground bunkers, HAARP installation in Tromsø (manipulating weather etc.), secret naval base in Olavsvern, EISCAT (monitoring stations) in Kiruna, Svalbard - a demilitarized zone and The Svalbard Global Seed Vault. All countries has many unknown Cold war sites, still secret.. 💢SWEDEN 💢 'Street microphones to help Swedish cops hear shots & screams amid record-high crime'. The new microphones will become an addition to surveillance cameras already dotting the Järva area near the Swedish capital. Linked to a management center, the hidden microphones will be set to detect shooting, explosions, glass shaterring and screams, says the police officer in charge of camera surveillance, Joakim Söderström, cited by SVT Nyheter.. 'Body Searches and 24/7 Surveillance to Uncover Migrants' True Identity in Sweden. In recent years, Sweden has emerged as one of Europe's most generous host countries in the wake of the migrant crisis. Today, both police and the Migration Board want to see radical measures to establish the identity of newcomers to eliminate the risk of convicts and terrorists seeping into the country in asylum seekers' disguise.. 'How Sweden's getting ready for the election-year information war'. While the US debates to what extent Russia influenced its presidential election, a small country in northern Europe is already gearing up to fend off foreign interference in its next election (Russia spreading fake news and forged docs in Sweden: report -- Russian radio spread 'fake interview' about mental health in Sweden -- Rinkeby teens say, Russian TV tried to bribe them to start a riot Russia mocks Sweden's 'ridiculous' election interference fears).. Sweden mulls introducing digital ‘anti-terror’ fences... |

Find and Else Haugsted had for decades Denmark's answer to NSA, a close cooperation partner. He was the top manager, Chief Codes Manager for the Technical Surveillance Service, which still has headquarters in Amager. Here is the wedding couple in 1954 in London. Photo: Private
- In 1961, the lighthouse at Dueodde was taken over by the Danish Defense Intelligence Service. - In 1986 a 70 meter high concrete tower was built on the ground. It was equipped with the latest technology and antennas. - Through the Cold War, the tower acted as the easternest listener in NATO. It is believed that observations from the tower played an important role during the Soviet Union's occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1968. (newspaper out of Bornholm)

För första gången i Sverige får polisen använda ljuddetektorer. Mikrofonerna kommer att fokusera på framkallat ljud från till exempel skottlossning, explosioner, skrik och glaskrossning.