Dec 5, 2017

The Richie Allen Show | Dec 5, 2017 | Vera Twomey "Great News. My Daughter Ava Can Have Her Life Changing Cannabis Oil In Ireland." | Blogger: A true Christmas & Inspirational story about the Irish woman, Vera Twomey, who went to the end of the world to get cannabis oil (CBD) to cure her daughter Ava's life-threatening condition which sees her suffer from severe daily seizures. At one point, Ava suffered 16 seizures alone over a single 36 hour period. Holland helped out in one way, when Ireland and everyone else, turn her down. Ava has not been home for 6 months now. After some serious fighting, Ireland 'finally' granted Ava Twomey 3-months 'special license', so she could return home to Ireland to continue medicinal cannabis. But as Vera Twomey has stated, what about all the other children who 'didn't' get any license? She states it's still very expensive and the treatment is still medicinal drugs in some way and unsure, if the THC (which is still illegal) or CBD in food supplements could help in the long run. "A lot of politicians have told me that the situation is very complicated. I fully accept that. "But children like Ava need help." Also known as Severe Myoclonic Epilepsy of Infancy (SMEI), Dravet affects just one in 60,000 children in its most catastrophic form. With Dravet Syndrome, a sufferer can initially have their seizures treated by normal epilepsy medicines. Details of Vera and Paul’s campaign for Ava is available from Facebook on ‘CBD For Ava Support’.... |

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Campaigning: Vera Twomey with her seven-year-old daughter Ava Photo: Michael Mac Sweeney

Ava Barry Is six years old diagnosed with Dravets Syndrome an extreamly rare drug resistant epilepsy she has hundreds of seizures daily and frequently spends long periods in hospital. All of the many drugs have been tried and failed to treat her seizures. She is bright and wonderful when seizure free but now with no options from our doctors Ava's alternative and chance to control her seizures is through medicinal marijuana available legally in the United States Australia Brazil and recently Columbia. Patients are treated with a very safe medicinal marijuana with none of the associated high of marijuana this is because THC is removed or if necessary is only present in trace amounts. We want to access this treatment for Ava here in Ireland we don't think our little girl should have to leave our own home and move to another country to be without all the major benefits a loving and caring family life that she has here provides. We feel she should be entitled to be treated in her own country we beg the government to see that a small child like Ava has battled every day with seizures lasting from two minutes to two hours she has astonished doctors with her progress and we are proud of her but imagine what she could achieve if we accessed medication that is proved to work. In the USA children who were having up to three hundred seizures a day were reduced to two a month after beginning CBD oil reductions of sixty to eighty percent even in some cases eliminating seizures completely. Please sign our petition for Ava and try to help us make a change for kids with serious challenges in their young lives like her warm regards from Ava and her family A recent interview on Irelands TV3 Ireland AM