Dec 5, 2017

RT - Russia Today | Dec 5, 2017 | Over 200 flights canceled as German pilots refuse to deport rejected asylum seekers | Blogger: A silent, but deadly, protests against the German regime. In Denmark, we have something called #Stoejberggate (Inger Støjberg - Danish Minister for Immigration, Integration and Housing), and The Danish People's Party (DPP) (Danish: Dansk Folkeparti, DF) who is deadlier than ever to get refugees and immigrants sent back, when the selected countries are under more ""peaceful circumstance"". The reporter ask Group Chairman Peter Skaarup, from the danish party: But whom in Denmark should set that criteria?? You must have an idea of what criteria to determine - what does "peaceful circumstance" mean??.. The Danish party, DF, also makes repatriation of rejected asylum seekers to financial law requirements. The government will allocate 75 million for repatriation of rejected asylum seekers, not so long ago one actually died under danish transportation to his home country... |

Protest against deporting migrants who were denied asylum at Duesseldorf Airport. © Wolfgang Rattay / Reuters