Dec 18, 2017

Dr. Steven Greer Update | Dec 18, 2017 | ~ Important Message from Dr. Greer re False Flag ~ | Blogger: 70% of Americans think government can protect them from terrorism (poll fact), the Moon made of cheese and i'm actually stuck inside a blue avatar... Who to trust these days? Right... Disclaimer: This intel/rumor report is fiction until proven otherwise! Entertainment or Facts? You DISCERN for yourself! All of postings is for your AWARENESS only, nothing else! CIA are still controlling the MSM media cirkus, 70% is true story, 30% is deception (where attention goes, energy flows). Remember, Cabal is masters of deception... |

From Dr. Greer Sunday Dec 17, 2017

URGENT: Note that the recent NY Times story is couched from a Threat office of the Pentagon: This a clear ramp up to False Flag FAKE disclosure designed to prepare people for a threat from outer space- so the War Mongers and War Profiteers have a new , bigger enemy . BEWARE

Meanwhile , Unacknowledged is being BLOCKED by media, no coverage even though it is the 2017 # 1 Documentary on iTunes and widely popular on Netflix etc. The secret government is manipulating a false disclosure and threat via their lackeys and 'cut-outs' . Stay tuned!

Please read Dr. Greer's paper: When Disclosure Serves Secrecy.

For details about False Flag and its implications read:
"Unacknowledged" - the book.
The "Unacknowledged" film has lots of testimony and analysis, but the book "Unacknowledged" has even more.