Oct 30, 2017

X22 Report | Oct 27, 2017 | Episode 1411b | Something Big Is About To Happen & It Might Take Place At An Amusement Park | Blogger: X22 Report breaks down the MSM media, who push the narrative of fake news regarding JFK, NATO, Edward Snowden, IS, Trump, Hillary Clinton... |

Clapper says who cares who paid for the Trump Dossier. The FEC is looking into election misconduct during the Trump and Clinton election. DOJ clears FBI informant to testify about the Uranium 1 deal. Tillerson scraps the sanction department. Catalonia votes for independence. NATO keeps silent about unmarked helicopters flying in and supporting the terrorist organizations. Snowden reveals documents that the US knew about Saudi Arabia planning an attack on Damascus. The FBI is having a drill at an amusement park, is the setup for the next event.