Oct 27, 2017

RT - Russia Today | Oct 27, 2017 | English newspaper ‘tipped off’ 25mins before JFK assassination, documents show | Blogger: JFK documents: what we have learned so far👀JFK files reveal FBI warning on Oswald and Soviets' missile fears | The FBI knew of the threat to kill Lee Harvey Oswald and Soviet officials feared a missile strike after Kennedy’s assassination | As i said -- CIA and FBI will NEVER reveal anything that would implicate themselves, the shadow government.. I think that JFK was assassinated due to his distancing towards the US-MIC conducts, disclosure of UFO files and JFK was actually trying to re-introduce a gold & silver standard - that's why 'they' killed him. Follow the money... |

John F. Kennedy in a convertible on November 19, 1963, just days before his assassination. © Tampa Bay Times / Global Look Press
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