Oct 28, 2017

Verdensalt | Oct 28, 2017 | Why you shouldn't accept and let False Flag Operation agenda be a new normal. Warning of 'Imminent' Attack | Blogger: 💢LAS VEGAS MASS SHOOTING FALSE FLAG , PsyOp & Black Op to Distract (biggest gimmick since 9/11)💢The obvious reasons for a new FF Ops:💨Catalonia crisis (people stirred up and the destruction of EU, as we know it). It's no coincidence that EU, the US, the UK, Germany and France all expressed support for Spanish unity and major companies are trying to flee Spain (Like Banks threatening to leave the Scotland's try for independence)💨BREXIT (hoax). According to The London Economic: 'Britain is actually £490 billion poorer than we thought ONS reveals. The UK has lost nearly half a trillion pounds' 💨 Economic collapse (to avoid RV/GCR/Gold standard and destroy the dollar)💨Release of JFK files (redacted and derailed by CIA and FBI)💨A much deeper and well prepared FF is all about fake Alien invasion (A/2017 U1 - Mysterious object seen speeding past sun could be 'visitor from another star system')...💬Many alternative sources like Simon Parkes, sent out warnings these days of a potential FF Ops (The first / second week into November (4rd) is looking increasingly likely for some sort of organised false flag on a very large scale).. I'm sure many has absolutely no clue what a FF Ops is all about. Let just boiled it down into a single sentence💢The secret "shadow" government toolbox of political diversion, extortion, bribery, and public corruption💢. A more sinister possibility💢'Try before Buy concept' offered by military, intelligences services and government and semi-government bodies in order test our spiritual awareness, locate the root fear and submission to power💢Weather warfare an alike - testing of new military innovations and secrets. Of course it's not that simple, but lets stick to that, for now.. So are we living in Orwells 1984?. The most effective methods to get ideas across in cinema /shows are usually the subtlest ones. Rather than characters stating ideas on religion and social commentary through dialogue, these messages are better expressed through allegories, metaphors, and symbols that infer subliminal meanings in the viewer (revealed interesting hidden messages, props, or inside jokes). Most people has watched the James Bond movie "Spectre". Seen it a few times. Pure fantasy? Or are there any similarities with the work of a real-life operative in Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), better known as MI6? I don't know, but, i don't believe in coincidences, everything happens for a reason. Examples: After infiltrating a SPECTRE meeting held at the Palazzo Cardenza, Bond escapes. The meeting agenda was all about how to profit on world's governments through big corporations - pharmaceuticals - a spectre henchmen talked about new sales platform, adapted into clearingshouses and unapproved drugs, profit of antimalarial vaccines, H.I.V, ontological drugs and control of council of human trafficking. A German woman doctor continues about imploding 160.00 female immigrants into the leisure industry (prostitutions) and about global surveillance initiative and Spectre's aggressive expansion etc. (Can you see any similarities to real life?) German woman continues, only shortly interrupted by 'Oberhauser' (Ernst Stavro Blofeld, born Franz Oberhauser), that Spectre's increased surveillance capability, means government intelligences agencies, are easily counteracted - we are winning - , she says (Spectre = Archons, Paa Tal, The Alpha Draconians? NSA, CIA, MI6 working for them?). Yes, i understand it's all fantasy and looney tunes thinking, but you can not deny the implications of an intelligence service like the almighty powerful [CIA] cabals, who runs the world.. Lets jump to the scene where 'M' with 'C' entering the new MI6 HQ (H.M.G). M: I can't deny I'm impressed you got H.M.G. to cough up for all this. C: replys, 'something about the new HQ were sponsored by benefactors from the private sector - most sophisticated data gathering system facility in history - world's first digital ghost - available 24/7'. M: '- George Orwell's worst nightmare'.. Lets jump to the very end, M is located on the Westminster Bridge, Blofeld fighting to escape from the helicopter crash and Bond in blood rage to kill him. 'M' is stopped by the british military antiterror units, trying to stop M from entering the scene at the Bridge, by saying "Sir, it's a terrorist alert".. We all know what happened in 2017 at Westminster Bridge.. Conclusion: PLEASE WAKE UP - nothing is What it seems. Go and do your research... |