Oct 27, 2017

AE911Truth | Oct 27, 2017 | Ted Walter and Jeff Long on Promoting the Bobby McIlvaine Act | Blogger: Husk 👉”Det Syvende Tårn – en skæbnesvanger historie fra nutiden”👈v/ Niels Harrit, lic.scient., pens. lektor, Københavns Universitet. Mandag d. 6. november, 19.30 – ca. 22.15. Christianshavns Beboerhus, Dronningensgade 34, Christianshavn. Entré 50,- kr. Pensionister og studenter kr. 20,- |

— 9/11 Free Fall Radio — 

The Next Step for the Bobby McIlvaine Act

Host Andy Steele is joined by AE911Truth's Director of Strategy and Development, Ted Walter, and our Director of Marketing, Jeff Long, to discuss what's next for spreading awareness of the Bobby McIlvaine Act across the nation.

First and foremost on the agenda is the official Bobby McIlvaine Act video, set to be released one month from now. Please consider making a donation to this worthwhile project, which has the potential to reach millions of people with a potent call-to-action for 9/11 Truth and Justice. We’re now just $500 shy of meeting our $5,000 fundraising goal. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who’s helped make this project possible.

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