Feb 10, 2017

Meet Barry Parks (Son of Jim T Parks) POTUS = Obama/Now on the Run From Justice. KKK Assassinated His Dad (Blogger: Who is your favorite president of the United States? Could it be the Bush family, Obama, Hillary or even Trump? If you're still holding a grudge on Trump or some other president, that's your prerogative of course. You know by heart, most of the western politicians are power grabbing people with dirt, on them. You also know that every single dirty little secret, will most likely, never see the day. Maneuverers are at the top of the political food-chain protecting our local president or a leadership of country and vice versa, nobody wants to bite the ones, who feeds you, right? Man must have a criterion of absolute truth, a standard or rule, by which to judge the accuracy of statements, opinions, and thoughts; there must be a standard of verification. Absolute truth must be nailed down in our hearts and minds. The people of the wold battle this question, “Is there a criterion of truth?” The populist politicians today might say “when in Rome, do as the Romans do.”. Whatever leadership you choice to trust or people you are around, you might just follow their customs for truth. Others follow the tradition route to prove truth, the notion that if anything lasts for generations, it must be valid. Any practice which has gained the loyalty of succeeding generations must deserve a measure of credibility. However, traditions can also reinforce what is false.. You could also start aligning with your inner truth and be sceptical and less fearsome, to get a hold on truth.. You might say, believe nothing you read or watch on tely, green screen fakery used by the MSM etc. Do you own research and only conclude what your inner truth, gut feeling and intuition tells you.. )

Sunday, January 10, 2016 10:18

(Before It's News)

By King of Shambhala

Meet Barry Parks, the US president formerly known as Barack Obama.

Obama’s been covered up for by Hillary Clinton for seven years; but now Trump’s crushing Hillary by using Bill against her. Obama’s past is now wide-open territory and fair game. Let’s take a look at who and what Obama really is.

Democrats worried about Bill Clinton on the campaign trail

Video in the link below shows Obama landing at Forbes Air Force Base outside Topeka, Kansas which is where he was born in 1961!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also here:

President Barack Obama lands in Topeka, Kan.


Linda Joy Adams in the article in link above, explains many things about who Obama really is. Linda gives a flood of details only a family of Obama’s could give. It’s first-hand experience that only she could know and that’s easily proven to be true and accurate. Any online search of archives in Kansas and witnesses of the events, can fact-check everything Linda tells us here. Linda is Obama’s third cousin. She’s the second cousin of Obama’s mother Stanley. Stanley lived with Linda’s family when she was pregnant with Barry (Obama) and she gave birth to Barry at that time.

Counties reading at ... http://beforeitsnews.com/obama-birthplace-controversy/2016/01/meet-barry-parks-son-of-jim-t-parks-us-president-formerly-known-as-barack-obama-kkk-assassinated-his-dad-video-2498104.html