Feb 20, 2017

High 5: NASA picks new technology to test for future space exploration ( Protein-drop pinning | Rapid calibration of space solar cells | Guided parafoil research | Behavior of regolith | Live-cell investigations | )

International Space Station © NASA / Reuters

Published time: 20 Feb, 2017 11:33

From cell calibration to regolith behavior, NASA has chosen five pieces of promising space technology to test on low-gravity-simulating aircraft, which will help understand how effectively they will work outside the lab. Intrigued?
NASA is planning to send five types of cutting-edge technology for trials in microgravity or suborbital environments, which means evaluating them in high-altitude balloons or suborbital rockets. This opportunity is said to help bring the technology closer to practical use in space exploration.

Among the proposals submitted to NASA this time, five drew the researchers’ special attention...

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