Dec 8, 2016

Crisis Actors Exposed – I Called CrisisCast Asking for 500 Crisis Actors! Guess What They Told Me LOL

Wednesday, December 7, 2016 15:31

Having done a lot of work covering the mainstream media hoax fiascos we have seen over the past few years I decided to call a well-known crisis actors company in the United Kingdom who trade by the name Crisis Cast.

The lady who took the call from me could not stop talking, she talked and talked her way into being the star of the video, which, I made after gathering evidence of crisis actors at large at several well documented events.

I knew after the Paris attacks on, November, 13, 2015, we had a serious problem not only with the mainstream media portrayal of events but also the way the public were still believing such nonsense.

We then had Brussels, or shall we say, the Skull & Bones day of celebration to the Roman festival Hilaria.

Again, at Brussels we seen the same crisis actors from previous events, we must look at the Boston bombing, fake, fancy dress mummy, crisis actor, who went by the name of Mason Wells appearing on UK television to tell tales of his horrific ordeal whilst clearly smirking from behind his bandages at the thought of his pay cheque for taking on such an immoral task.

We look at Orlando hoaxers, the Virginia reporter shooting, Nice and Munich, but still the call to Crisis Cast

If you can watch this video without questioning the so called official story, then god help us all.

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