October 31, 2016

LEAKED: Top Monsanto executive who excused global crimes invited to "Hillraiser" fundraiser

Clinton campaign raising funds off top Monsanto executive who excused global bribery crimes by evil corporation
Mike AdamsA newly leaked email reveals the name of the top Monsanto Executive Vice President who was invited to put Hillary Clinton into the White House.

This is same evil-minded nut job who excused Monsanto's international bribery crimes and took part in the evil corporation's march of agricultural imperialism across the globe.

Ever wonder why Hillary Clinton wants the support of Monsanto's top executives?
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ALSO TODAY: A former FBI agent says the Clintons are a "crime family" that must be taken down.

We the People have reached the point where we now call for the arrest and prosecution of all Clinton crime operatives and co-conspirators.

It's time to end this political nightmare and reclaim our democracy.
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