September 29, 2016

Scandal - It's Official: The Danish welfare state and SKAT (SKAT is the Danish for 'TAX' or 'Inland Revenue Service') spends almost $1 million on the so-called Panama Papers - very first country in the world to amid it - government legicity unconfirmed (Blogger: Danish Inland Revenue Service bought information from an anonymous source (It is the first time in history SKAT has bought documents from a tax haven and unkown seller, so they claim), who the seller really is has not been confirmed by the danish authority, but money-back garantees for taxpayers(funny). That include thousands of confidential information from the law firm Mossack Fonseca in Panama. Equals to 15,000 DKK for every Panama Dane on 500-600 taxpayers from an anonymous source...The government justified the payment earlier this month saying it needed to take all necessary measures to catch tax evaders... It really stinks to high heaven, can you believe that people actually buying into this crap...Christ...If we have learned anything from the Panama Papers, it's that the revelations most likely are coming from CIA and other intelligence agencies in cahoots with western elite politicians and executives trying to frame their enemies.. Like Russia etc. CMON!!! )

Skat justified the purchase by saying it needed to crack down on tax evaders. Photo: Erik Refner/Scanpix

Denmark pays for Panama Papers data on own citizens

Anonymous source given six million kroner.