April 27, 2016

CDC Whistleblower Scientist Given Huge Bonus and Asked to Rewrite Fraudulent Vaccine-Autism Study (ECETI: CDC Corrupt Disease Contractors, and the WHO World Hell Organizers have been distributing death and disease globally enforced by their brute squad the FDA, Fatality and Death Assured. They created the autism, polio outbreak, every flu was engineered and now nagalese, thermerosal, and aluminum in the recent innoculations which destroys your immune system and your ability to fight cancer. What is next? When will the doctors, nurses, and health care practitioners educate themselves, find their integrity and say enough?)

Brian Hooker, Ph.D., issued a press release today clarifying some issues related to his past relationship to Dr. William Thompson of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Dr. Thompson originally contacted Dr. Hooker and confessed that the CDC had covered up data in a 2004 article published in the Journal of Pediatrics that linked the MMR vaccine to autism. When the phone conversations between Brian Hooker and William Thompson went public, Dr. Thompson hired a whistleblower attorney.

However, in spite of the confessions of fraud at the CDC by Dr. Thompson, he retained his position at the CDC, and no committee chair in Congress dared to take on the pharmaceutical cartel and hold hearings on the matter. Dr. Thompson was never subpoenaed to be questioned about the alleged fraud at the CDC. Congressman Bill Posey was the lone voice in Congress calling for hearings, and he allegedly received documents from Dr. Thompson as well as an affidavit. Dr. Thompson appeared willing to testify, but only under oath before Congress.

It never happened.

With the recent popularity of the film VAXXED, which features the story of Dr. Thompson becoming a whistleblower and revealing fraud at the CDC, more information has come forward about just why it is believed Dr. Thompson retained his position at the CDC, and just how the CDC is going to handle this story, which for the most part has been censored in the mainstream media, but been on fire in the Alternative Media and Social Media.

Dr. Brian Hooker made some comments at one of the Q & A sessions of the film’s premiere in Manhattan recently, and today he issued a formal press release explaining the basis of those comments.

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