Jul 23, 2015

The New Earth Times ~ Edition #4(Ashtar: two-phase attack from dark hats 1. Broadcasting high-pitched frequencies across the entire globe from a few remaining underground hiding places 2. Submitting Nano-particles, which were designed to enter all human bodies through the food, water, clothing and contact with the soil and plants) ~ July 22, 2015

Wednesday, July 22, 2015
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Ashtar Gives Update as Cabal Grasps at Straws
Community Corner: Sheldan Nidle Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy

Ashtar Gives Update as Cabal Grasps at Straws

By Ashtar, Supreme Commander of the Galactic Federation Fleet

Greetings, Beloved Ones, it is my pleasure to bring you this message to be included in THE NEW EARTH TIMES. We are excited to see your interest and participation in the new projects and networks that are forming now on Earth. We want to encourage you to do this in your own lives - reach out to others in a way that brings people together, encourages sharing knowledge and information, and lifts everyone's spirits. In other words, send this on to your friends.

I will tell you a bit about the changing conditions you are experiencing now on the Earth plane, and how you can use your growing strength and Light to manage them and raise yourself even as you work through challenging times.

For the past 24 hours, the dark hats have been generating and broadcasting high-pitched frequencies across the entire globe from a few remaining underground hiding places. We are working systematically to eliminate these strongholds of the cabal, and you may notice there are considerably fewer attacks of this kind in recent weeks, but this recent one will present a challenge for some, so we want to arm you with the information you need to rise above it with grace and confidence.

The original plan the cabal created as a last-ditch attempt to take over the planet included a two-phase attack. First, they blanketed the Earth with specially programmed nano-particles, which were designed to enter all human bodies through the food, water, clothing and contact with the soil and plants. Many manufactured foods were laced with these tiny particles, and of course you are aware of the chemtrails which filled the skies with various chemical and biological weapons. I assure you, these programs have been curtailed and are nearly gone now, but the residue of their dastardly actions remain. No one on Earth is without traces of these technological "implants."

The second phase of the attack is these high-frequency sound waves which are tuned specifically to transmit commands to the "nanos" to create thoughts and emotional responses in the host. It is something like the way your TV remote can program and operate your TV from a distance with the touch of a button. This was supposed to be their "ace in the hole," their final best attempt to at last turn Earth into the slave planet they wanted to control completely.

The thought/feeling tone of this latest attack is intended to create feelings of defeat, helplessness and malaise, to prepare you for defeat and surrender to the next "false flag" attempt to draw everyone into World War III. Depending upon the state of the host's mental and emotional bodies, the response can range from despair to depletion, from paranoia to uneasiness to thoughts of aggression or suicide.

We tell you this to arm you against "falling" for the trap of believing that the uncomfortable feelings and headaches the frequencies may cause are originating in your own bodies and minds, or that there is something wrong with you. Holding strong against these final thrashings of the cabal is your individual contribution to the conclusive defeat of their devious programs. When you refuse to be tricked into feeling something that is not in alignment with your own integrity and convictions, you are creating a mirror which reflects the frequencies back to the sender, nullifying their effects on you.

I will give you a brief exercise to help remain steady as you ride out these final moments of willful arrogance and malevolence on the part of the dying monster that has been the cabal. You are familiar with the Pillar of Light. Let us adapt this powerful protection to the current incoming sound waves, to provide you with an effective technique for not just riding out, but riding above the frequencies.

Begin by lighting up the diamonds in the center of your brain, your heart and your solar plexus (your will). Feel the border of your Light Pillar, just beyond your outstretched arms. Inside the warmth and protection of Light, reach up to make contact with Mother and Father God, and allow their Love to flow down and around you, swirling and surrounding you in their HoneyLove, as we like to call it. Now, reach downward into the center of Terra and anchor yourself solidly in her core, and feel her loving embrace as you do so. Now, within the swirling energies of Love and Light within your Pillar, feel yourself float upward lightly, as Mother and Father's Love draws you toward them.

Within your gently uplifting energies of Light, observe the sound frequencies coming across the ground and bouncing off the walls of your Pillar, just below where you float gently, observing and hearing them from a distance, but not participating with them. Allow the frequencies to flow around or bounce off your Pillar without touching you with their message. You are of a different vibration, on a different plane of existence - in a different dimension, you might observe, from these low-level frequencies. You are free.

As you do this, raising yourself closer to Mother and Father and to us. You are ascending, raising your vibration in preparation for your final Ascension to come. Rejoice in your triumphant actions, and let your light heart fill with joy. You are reclaiming your Divinity and staking your claim to an honored place among us. As a bonus, invite your Twin Flame to dance the dance of Love with you as you float gently upward, basking in our adoration of both of you.

Do this often throughout the day, Dear Ones. You will become used to the feeling of freedom and close companionship that is your birthright. We join with you in celebration and joy as you traverse this last part of the journey, held closely in our embrace.

Salut, Beloved Ones, I am your brother, Ashtar

Channeled by Kathryn, New York, 22 July 2015


Community Corner: Sheldan Nidle We Are in a Most Sacred Time

Sheldan Nidle's Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy

7 Ik, 0 Vayeb, 11 Ik Dratzo! The world is beginning to "crack" into two major parts! The dark cabal is furiously as well as unsuccessfully, working to maintain its millennia-long advantages. These traditions are straining under the forces of the Light's broad legal attack. There are as well limitations being forced upon the dark's fraudulent worldwide banking networks. Almost weekly, the dark attempts to create a situation that can eventually lead to war. These strategies are as well failing. In fact, a pattern of gradual collapse is now the norm for this cabal and its many minions. Meanwhile, our earthly allies are jointly discussing how best to finish off this former group of global power brokers. A new monetary system awaits the time for its formal declaration. This proclamation is likewise waiting for the final grand push, which is becoming a sure fait accompli for the Light. What is presently missing is the addition of the governmental portion of this growing grand alliance. In many major governments, those in charge are currently arranging for the needed redirection of governance that is to restore the rights of their people and permit a series of major arrests to happen. The stage is being set for a true quiet revolution, which is to allow your world to return to a state of peace and unheard of cooperation. The dark shudders daily at the degree of progress that our earthly allies are steadily making. This story is still mostly unheard by you as it is surrounded by a vast cloud of dark misinformation. The idea is to confuse the masses by maintaining through lies that nothing has really changed. We deeply wish to rise above this set of "smoke and mirrors". We repeatedly ask our earthly allies to disclose at least in part what is truly happening. Their reply is that this great disinformation helps them by making the cabal believe that its odd strategy is somehow working. It allows them as well to move forward in their unique surreptitious manner and at the right time to spring a new reality on the dark cabal's leadership. We feel instead that a more up-front campaign can work as well, as it can keep you somewhat "in the loop." The earthly Light forces continue to stay adamant that it is basically a self-defeating strategy due to the nature of how the cabal operates. As these strategies move forward, we can see how the Light intends to push the dark from power. To the dark cabal, wealth and power are everything. To them, their ability to be immune from the laws, which govern everyone else is a sign of just how important they seem to be. At work, the Light is slowly surrounding the dark with alternatives that promise to be overwhelming to them. This process, they mutually cite is how this once powerful enemy can be conquered. The dark, in turn, continues to depend on strategies that right now are mostly not working. This is because the Anunnaki are no longer in the picture. In fact, these former overlords are advising the earthly allies on how best to defeat their former charges. Hence, it is expected that some time in the next months this strategy of the Light is to yield the expected results. The fall of the dark cabal is in reality only the beginning. Our landing is to come only after new governance and a new financial system are fully in place. Before then a number of events are to happen. These are to set the stage for your meeting with your mentors! All of these amazing events were a part of a prehistory that was put into motion by the Anunnaki. The Anunnaki had agreed with Heaven not to make any further modifications to what the Atlanteans had done to you. Yet, the Anunnaki dearly wished at the proper time to change you drastically into dumbed down human robots. This robot was to be their slaves and allow the Anunnaki to move into the inner circles of the evil Anchara continuum. This plan meant that first the dark had to make your ancestors completely compliant to their every command. The result was the three golden ages. This process was to fail and after the great flood, you were deposited across this globe. The dark overlords knew that soon Heaven was to revisit this realm and free you from the confinements imposed by the overlords and their minions. Our past monitoring of this solar system and especially, Gaia constantly revisited this process. In these visits, we encountered the Anunnaki and reiterated the numerous decrees of Heaven cited to us long ago. These told of your liberation and return to full consciousness. Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! This world is being prepared for a most blessed event! Long ago, Heaven permitted a dark overlord to rule over this land provided that a certain number of special rules were carefully followed. If the Anunnaki greatly veered from these agreements, a perilous situation was to be swept away like so much unclean water. The Anunnaki followed these divine edicts and were able to dominate humanity for nearly 13 millennia. The treaty of Anchara ended this rule and brought peace to this galaxy. We are the ones who carefully watched these scalawags and faithfully reported any small breaches committed by them. Now we are in a most sacred time, which is to allow each of you to at last reach a reality that is to be filled with peace, freedom and prosperity. It is to be a time when we can freely walk among you. Even now, it is much easier to help you than before! The rising energy of consciousness forms a reality in which your concentrated focus can truly achieve miracles. Every reality has energy, which is normally quite weak. Use your added ability to focus as a tool to accomplish goals. The increased amounts of spiritual force can over a short period of time permit you success. To do this, abandon all negativity and frustration. Ever keep in mind that each such exercise requires not only focus but as well a great deal of inner projected positivity. Grow this asset inside you by providing a calm and helpful energy. This is to be the foundation for what you intend to do. Once you feel positive and spiritually strong, begin to take a time per day in which to project this energy. As the details of your positive projections grow, you can start to see how these visualizations are to permit you to alter your reality. Then like a snap of lightning you are to succeed! You live, blessed Ones, in an age that is at the very pregnant point of switching from evil to Light. Numerous events are coming to fruition. These events are to quickly change how you look at this still limited reality. The sacred point is that together we are ever expanding and thus allowing you to succeed. Take advantage of this and use your own positive energies to accelerate this change. Become even more aware of the exciting possibilities and join in by adopting your own version of these visualizations in order to move this realm into a new era of Love and Light! Together, we have the ability to greatly strengthen the actions that our earthly Light forces are taking to provide the freedom, peace and prosperity that you so righteously deserve. We intend to daily open up the means to aid you in this most blessed series of events. Together, dear Ones, we can be victorious! Today, we continued giving you messages that outline what is happening now! Everywhere on this sacred orb, individuals have come together to remove the power of the dark and push them to the sidelines. There is still much to do. Nevertheless, the time of freedom and victory is very, very close! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


Welcome to PAO's Live Webinar for July
A Fluid Galactic Report

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As the GF tunes in to our collective needs, Sheldan will translate their message to us.

We will learn how our light body integrations are being accelerated,

and be given new information on the abundance program.

Everything else will be a surprise!
Sunday, July 26, 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. PDT

Thursday, July 30, 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. PDT

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"No other person can complete you if you are not a fully functioning adult to begin with."

~ Dr. Kathryn E. May, Who Needs Light, pg 269


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