Jul 19, 2015

Bayer Aspirin company knowingly sold AIDS-tainted drugs to hemophiliacs for profit - July 19, 2015 CET

(via CBS News) Chemical and drug maker Bayer AG said Thursday it acted “responsibly, ethically and humanely” during the 1980s in selling a blood-clotting product that stopped potentially fatal bleeding in hemophiliacs but was linked to the risk of HIV infection.

The company’s statement was in response to a New York Times report that it sold millions of dollars worth of an older version of the medication in Latin America and Asia while marketing a newer, safer product in the United States and Europe.

Bayer division Cutter Biological continued selling old stocks of the medicine for more than a year after it introduced a version in February 1984 that was heat-treated to kill HIV, according to documents obtained by the Times.


Source: http://beforeitsnews.com/terrorism/2015/07/bayer-sold-hiv-infected-pills-2454382.html