Jul 19, 2015

Sweden Getting Ready to Fire Missiles at Russian Troops From Gotland Island - July 19, 2015

Sweden keeps flexing its military muscle due to imaginary Russian aggression, Regnum news agency reported.
The island of Gotland could be used as a key place to shoot from at invading Russian troops, if Russia were ever to decide to take over the Baltics, Governor of Gotland Cecilia Schelin-Seidegard said, according to Regnum.

According to the Governor, for the longest time Gotland was the weakest link in Swedish defense, but now it will change as the Swedish government has decided to strengthen the island's defense capabilities.

Schelin-Seidegard seriously believes that Russia's looking to invade the Baltics and then threaten Sweden. She's eager to fight the Russians and believes her island could play a strategically important role.