March 18, 2015

THE history THEORY - you'll kick yourself if you don't watch this

NOT Awakening Yet from our 3D Matrix of Illusion? Watch This Funny Animated Movie lesson about (one truth) human history

Published on Mar 4, 2015

A brief history of time - one that take into account the mayans, atlantis, the faces on mars, astral travel, different dimensions, merkaba, lucifer, thoth, egypt, bermuda, the grid, lay-lines, kundalini, real origins of scientology, and more ...

This is for any truth seeker who wants a highly condensed version of real history or as close as one can get without going of the rails too far, taking into account most major texts and writings we know of today.

A truly remarkable film that should be seen even if you don't have time ... i'd miss one nights sleep so that i could witch this over and over.