Jun 26, 2024

🌎📢👂 ('60/40 Trump will return Nov or Juli/Sept') Simon Parkes Update (For the Connecting Consciousness Cult Members Only) ~ June 26, 2024 ~ |

Can ONE man SHOW Know-It-All? 1000% not true ~ SoTW

Editor's Note: Taxidriver, Whitby Councillor Simon Parkes who lost his virginity to an Alien aged 5? As always with 3 signed NDA's Simon is on repeat and sounds like a broken record. Asking for money now to support his 100K large "Spiritual Organization". I AM truly sorry on SoTW, if anybody gets offended. My Higher Self told me that Simon has become ego-driven one-man machine. NOT that there's anything wrong with Simon. I have proof he's disconnected himself to Dr. Charlie Ward (voice-mail from Charlie). My H-S tells my only to trust what Simon brings to the table of truth with 30%. With my deepest respect for what CC stands for and my "old" friends in this organisation. What CC coordinators has been 'promised' to get pay for their work - that has NOT happened yet sinde 2017 (except one physical ZIM-token). What Simon & Becky Parkes has promised CC members of millions (billions) from private and govt sources for Humanitarian project (not happened yet).. |

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