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Editor's Note: Received by mail... SoTW source tells me, this is the reason why Norway has HAARP/EISCAT/Climate Engineering facilities (among many, many other nefarious things). There's shocking claims who exactly Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) was (Hero or a Villain). FDR was considered a political genius but also, a cult-member of a secret occult society said to be part of the Illuminati. Jonas Gahr Støre, who claims to be one of the most enlightened politicians in today's Norway, but is infact a Illuminati puppets... If you want to look into Denmark - make some dot connectors to the Dano-Norwegian Realm (Det dansk-norske rige), Twin Realms (Tvillingerigerne) or the Oldenburg Monarchy (Oldenburg-monarkiet)... The following article is translated from Norwegian into english in raw format. Please use the source-link or google translate on top of SoTW.... |

Onkel Sam i Oslo: Statuer, illusioner og fakta


The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie, deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive and unrealistic.

John F. Kennedy

On Kontraskjæret in the center of Oslo, between Oslo City Hall and Akershus Fortress, there are two statues of Uncle Sam in what must be described as places of honor. These are former US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt ("FDR") and former US Chief of Defense and Secretary of State George Catlett Marshall.

What is the background for such a placement of statues with two strange foreigners ? Have any of them even deserved to have statues erected on our Norwegian soil? Based on myths, illusions and concealments or on openness and facts?

Norway, which has been called the USA's 51st state and America's most obedient poodle , has had its fair share of myths about Uncle Sam's efforts during the Second World War, symbolized by wartime president FDR.

Norwegian politicians, military and journalists, even academic historians, seem to be duped by myths deep down in their subconscious about what FDR really did before and during the war.

The Myth of President FDR

Roosevelt served as president for more than 3 terms in the years 1933-1945. Both during the depression and during the war, there was a great need for leaders in the Western world, and FDR fulfilled in many ways this role as "lighthouse" and "leader of the free world".

The United States had come the furthest in adopting the radio as a mass medium, and FDR's "fireside chats" where he sat next to a crackling fireplace in the White House and, like an uncle-son, spoke to the people in his whimsical way went right home to the heartstrings in most people. Another part of the FDR myth is that his communist-inspired planned economy called the "New Deal" helped pull the US out of the economic depression in the wake of the crash 4 years before.

In the collective Norwegian subconscious, the myth about FDR reads something like this:

Because of the USA's efforts during the war and the Marshall aid after the war, Norway owes the USA eternal gratitude, obedience and submission. If Norwegian politicians should think of criticizing e.g. military use or other forms of immoral behavior committed by the USA, this would be disloyal and ungrateful to Norway's foremost ally. Hallelujah and Amen .”

Historical facts and figures about FDR

Behind the myth of FDR lies a multitude of not-so-positive facts about the Freemason, President, Secretary of the Navy and powerful man FDR. The news mirror examines here some of the facts that have avoided the spotlight of Norwegian historians, politicians and journalists to a striking extent.

1. FDR hid his poor health and misled the public

In 1921, FDR was stricken with polio and paralyzed from the waist down. The fact that he managed to keep this significant handicap hidden for so many years has been called "a splendid deception." (FDR was mostly in a wheelchair, but he had iron rails fitted to his legs which made him able to stand for short periods, e.g. during photography)

That the president was disabled...
That the president was disabled...
...wasn't something the people needed to know about
...wasn't something the people needed to know

When FDR suffered a heart attack in May 1944, the doctors stated that he could not work more than 4 hours a day if he wanted to avoid death.

This was in the critical month before the invasion of Normandy. In November 1944, FDR was re-elected president without having explained his severely weakened state of health.

This year he spent a full 200 days outside the White House for health reasons. FDR died of a cerebral hemorrhage in April 1945, three months into his final term as president.

2. FDR contributed to cold-blooded mass murder

As Assistant Secretary of the Navy, FDR personally led a force of US Marines that invaded and occupied the independent Republic of Haiti in 1915. FDR then ruled Haiti cruelly and without any respect for human life, as a kind of early "Baby Doc dictator" after a military invasion called "democratisation". After FDR's conduct in Haiti became a major scandal in 1920, then-President Harding took action by publicly humiliating FDR with the words:

"Practically all we know is that thousands of native Haitians have been killed by American Marines, and that many of our own gallant men have sacrificed their lives at the behest of an Executive department in order to establish laws drafted by the Assistant Secretary of the Navy …I will not empower an Assistant Secretary of the Navy to draft a constitution for helpless neighbors in the West Indies and jam it down their throats at the point of bayonets borne by US Marines.”

At Yalta, FDR agreed that 2 million Soviet citizens who were outside the Soviet Union at the end of the war, mostly prisoners of war from the Red Army, would be transported back to the Soviet Union, knowing that they would be executed on Stalin's orders, which they did.

This involved a serious breach of the Geneva Convention's provisions on the treatment of prisoners of war, and is described, among other things, in Operation Keelhaul by Julius Epstein, The secret betrayal by N. Tolstoy and The Last Secret by N. Bethall.

3. FDR organized gross harassment of homosexuals and was a notorious liar

As Assistant Secretary of the Navy, FDR approved the use of traps to expose homosexuals in the Navy, including in that young recruits were commanded to perform homosexual acts. When this case was broken up as a big scandal, FDR lied under oath in court about his involvement, i.a. by claiming that he had not known what the order he had signed had been about.

When General MacArthur was informed of FDR's death in 1945, his laconic comment was:
Well, the old man has gone, a man who never told the truth when a lie would suffice ."

FDR himself said of his lack of honesty a few years before he died:

You know I am a juggler, and I never let my right hand know what my left hand does. I'm perfectly willing to mislead and tell untruths…”
(“FDR A Biography” by Ted Morgan p. 550)

4. FDR did not respect the law

On one occasion, FDR boasted that he had " committed enough illegal acts " to be impeached and sentenced to 999 years in prison.
(Blanche Cook – Eleanor Roosevelt, vol 1, 1992, pp. 265 – 266)

5. FDR confiscated citizens' gold

In April 1933, the month after FDR had first become president, he issued a decree (Presidential Executive Order 6102) that, under threat of 10 years in prison, forced all American citizens to give up their privately owned gold for a price of 20, 67 dollars per ounce. The recipient of the gold was the privately owned Federal Reserve System ("The Fed"), a privately owned institution that was and is disguised as a central bank and owned by European and American banks and financial houses.

After the gold confiscation had been carried out, the price of gold was increased to 35 dollars overnight.

6. FDR introduced communist central planning ("New Deal") with disastrous results

Under the pretext of combating the financial crisis and economic depression of the time, FDR introduced an attempt at a communist-like planned economy under the name of the New Deal, which involved a very high degree of government intervention and dictation in the economy and towards the lives of citizens. FDR's close advisor Douglas said of the New Deal invention: " The present pseudo-planned economy leads relentlessly into the complete autocracy and tyranny of the Collectivist State ."

One of FDR's supporters, Merle Thorpe, noted in 1935 that FDR's regime had implemented most of the points in the Communist Manifesto:

“ We have given legislative status, either in whole or in part, to eight of the ten points of the Communist Manifesto of 1848; and, as some point out, done (sic) a better job of implementation than Russia .”

The New Deal policy was in practice the opposite of what FDR had promised. FDR had promised to reduce government spending by 25% and to avoid budget deficits, but in the period 1933 – 1936, government spending increased by 83%.

A good analysis of the New Deal is Al Smith's speech " The facts in the case ", which was given in January 1936. See http://www.geocities.com/mark_willey/smith36.pdf

On the results of the New Deal, Winston Churchill stated in 1937:

The Washington administration has waged so ruthlessly a war on private enterprise that the US...is actually...leading the world back into the trough of depression ."

7. FDR introduced the Illuminati symbol on the dollar bills

In 1935, a new design was introduced on the dollar notes. On the $1 bills, a pyramid with an eye on top was placed, along with the text NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM, the year 1776 (the year of the founding of the modern-day Illuminati) and other symbolism that at least did not originate in the US Constitution.

Today's $1 decoration was introduced by FDR
Today's $1 decoration was introduced by FDR

It was Henry Wallace, 32nd degree Freemason and Vice President under FDR in 1940-1944 who had proposed that the Illuminati symbol should adorn US coins.

FDR decided that the pyramid motif should instead be placed on the $1 bill. Later it became known that this symbol is the logo of the secret brotherhood Illuminati. The Illuminati form the apex of most of the world's power pyramids (sic), including the Masonic hierarchy, a fact most lower degree Masons are blissfully unaware of.

8. FDR was a member of a secret occult society said to be part of the Illuminati

FDR was a 32nd degree Mason, the second highest official degree. FDR was also a member of a secret society called The Ancient Arabic Order of Nobles of the Mystics Shrine (Shriners), in which he attained the degree of Knight of Pythias. This order claimed to be part of the satanic Illuminati. Freemasons Walter Flemming and William Florence founded the American branch in 1872. Only Masons who had reached the 32nd degree within The Scottish Rite could become members.

Incidentally, FDR was named "first runner-up" for the title Man of the 20th Century by the Illuminati-controlled Time Magazine, beaten only by Albert Einstein.

The Illuminati are masters of the art of illusion. Symbolic language and deep insight into the human subconscious are keywords for understanding this. Myth creation and myth preservation are essential. important tools that the Illuminati use to brainwash the masses and "blind them from seeing obvious truths". So what is a statue? Not just a figure carved in stone or bronze, a statue is also a symbol - perceived and interpreted by the subconscious, from which myths and illusions help to override logical thinking, and sometimes even common sense...

9. FDR violated the Constitution

In 1935, the United States Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the main element of the New Deal, FDR's
communist-inspired National Recovery Administration (NRA - colloquially known as "Nuts Running America") was unconstitutional.

During the war, FDR sent troops to occupy Greenland, Iceland and the Canary Islands in violation of the Constitution (See “President Roosevelt and The Coming of War 1941” by Charles Beard)

10. FDR abused government surveillance powers and conducted illegal wiretapping of his political opponents

FDR used the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) to spy on his political opponents, i.a. Father Coughlin, Hamilton Fish, editor Moe Annenberg of The Philadelphia Inquirer and Charles Lindbergh.

FDR also obtained the FBI files of his political opponents and " invented " illegal wiretapping which he also practiced - illegal of course.

11. FDR placed the consideration of the state above the consideration of the individual

Already in 1912, FDR gave a speech (in Troy, New York), where he explained his philosophy, i.a. by placing the "liberty of the community" above "the liberty of the individual."

In 1934 Louis Howe quoted FDR as having said that "the time has arrived to build a new kind of government founded on the doctrine of the good neighbor and not the cruel doctrine of 'rugged individualism.' “ FDR articulated mao. for a ruthless and all-powerful state at the expense of the individual.

12. FDR refused to rescue Jewish boat refugees off the US in 1939

FDR refused to rescue 900 Jews who had fled Nazi Germany in May 1939 aboard the ship St. Louis. When the ship was off the coast of Florida, FDR gave orders that the passengers should be refused disembarkation in the United States. (See  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MS_St._Louis )

Jewish boat refugees aboard the MS St. Louis who had succeeded in fleeing Nazi Germany but were thwarted by FDR when off the coast of the United States
Jewish boat refugees aboard the MS St. Louis who had succeeded in fleeing Nazi Germany but were thwarted by FDR off the coast of the United States

The ship's journey is depicted in the film "Voyage of the damned" from 1976. It is part of the story that the ship's captain Gustav Schröder, a German anti-Nazi, refused to return the ship to Germany with Jewish passengers on board.

Captain Schröder is also honored as one of the " righteous among nations " at the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum in Israel - for his heroic efforts to save the Jews on board the St. Louis.

13. FDR refused to bomb the infrastructure of Hitler's concentration camps

FDR prevented information about the ongoing Holocaust in Europe from being released to the US (according to the Treasury Report).

FDR refused to bomb railway lines leading to Hitler's concentration camps as well as the crematoria and other infrastructure in the Nazi death camps . This could have saved hundreds of thousands of people who were killed in the camps.
(David Wyman – Abandonment of the Jews, 1984, p 295).

The Treasury Department stated on January 13, 1944 that FDR was "guilty not only of gross procrastination and willful failure to act, but even of willful attempts to prevent action from being taken to rescue Jews from Hitler."

14. FDR knew about Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor and wanted it to happen

It has been established by a number of independent researchers that in 1941 FDR wanted the United States to join the war. To get a pretext, Japan was provoked to attack the US Pacific Fleet. Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor took place on December 7, 1941. 2,403 people were killed and 1,178 people were wounded, and the United States declared war on Japan the next day.

The truth about the attack on Pearl Harbor and the lead-up to it is, among other things, described in:

“Roosevelt and the First Shot: A Study of Deceit and Deception” by John Denson
“Infamy” by John Toland
“Pearl Harbor: The Facts Behind the Fiction”. The New American, Vol. 17, No. 12, June 4, 2001
“Pearl Harbor: Mother of All Conspiracies” by Mark Willey
“Day of Deceit: The Truth about FDR and Pearl Harbor” by Robert Stinnett
“Sacrifice at Pearl Harbor” film by BBC Warner

At the same time that FDR was behind the scenes to provoke a war against Japan so that the United States would join the war, he assured the American people that a war would never be an issue:

“ While I am talking to you mothers and fathers, I give you one more assurance. I have said this before, and I shall say it again and again and again: Your boys are not going to be sent into any foreign wars .”

After it became known that FDR was the driving force behind the Pearl Harbor attack, this is considered one of the worst cases of hypocrisy in history.

The Pearl Harbor attack was a PALIS operation ("Provoke an Attack and Let It Succeed"), which means that the authorities of a country provoke an attack against themselves and allow the attack to be carried out without apparently having been prepared, so that their own forces suffer significant losses.

15. FDR supplied Stalin's Soviet Union with nuclear technology

During the war, there was an extensive delivery of weapons, technology, raw materials and information from the USA to Stalin's Soviet Union. This was made possible by the so-called Lend-Lease Act, which FDR had managed to push through in Congress in March 1941, a time when neither the Soviet Union nor the United States were at war.

The extensive shipments to the Soviet Union under the Lend-Lease program, and not least the "no questions asked" benevolence on the part of the United States when it came to meeting Russian wishes, attracted the attention of Major George Racey Jordan, who worked at the Newark airport in New Jersey during the war. Eventually he became interested in some top secret "diplomat cases" which his instincts from time to time drove him to open. It turned out that nuclear technology in the form of thorium, uranium and technological information were among the items that FDR so willingly shared with Soviet dictator Stalin.

FDR gave the Soviet Union at least 700 kilograms of uranium (about 4 times as much fissionable U-235 as the US itself retained), 417 tonnes of cadmium, 437 tonnes of cobalt, 12 tonnes of thorium and 1100 ounces of heavy water as well as the necessary equipment for the atomic bomb and a reactor to extract plutonium. A complete overview of the contents of FDR's handshake to Stalin can be found here: http://www.geocities.com/mark_willey/lend.html

Major Jordan kept a diary, and "From Major Jordan's diaries" came out as a book in 1952. The sensational content of FDR's enormous gifts to Stalin has for many years been suppressed by the authorities and the mainstream media. Major Jordan's Diaries is now available online here: http://arcticbeacon.com/books/Maj_Geo_Racey_Jordan-FROM_MAJOR_JORDANS_DIARIES.pdf

Incidentally, a hearing took place after FDR was dead and the war was over about FDR's secret transfers of nuclear technology to Stalin's Soviet Union; The US House of Representatives, Eighty-first Congress, Second Session, Committee on Un-American Activities, Hearings Regarding Shipment of Atomic Material to the Soviet Union During World War II.

16. FDR betrayed the countries and people of Eastern Europe at the Yalta Conference

At Yalta, FDR willingly agreed that the countries of Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria and the other countries that were confined behind the Iron Curtain were controlled by Stalin's Soviet. FDR sacrificed hundreds of millions of people to live in communist misery without trying to lift a single finger, without uttering a single sentence, to try to prevent it.

Yalta meeting in February 1945: Stalin's most obedient poodle FDR about to commit history's greatest betrayal of the free world and consent to the mass murder of hundreds of thousands of Red Army prisoners of war.
Yalta meeting in February 1945: Stalin's most obedient poodle FDR about to commit history's greatest betrayal of the free world and consent to the mass murder of hundreds of thousands of Red Army prisoners of war.

That FDR was allowed to retain his mythical title as "beacon of the free world" after this historic betrayal is something close to an absurd illusion, and to put it mildly, an enigma. The countries in Eastern Europe that were sacrificed to Stalin had been just as free before the war as the countries in Western Europe.

17. FDR wanted to leave most of Europe, including Norway, to Soviet influence after the war

In September 1943, FDR had a conversation with his friend Vatican Cardinal Spellman. Here, FDR explained how he wanted to divide Europe after the war:

"Stalin would certainly receive Finland, the Baltic states, the eastern half of Poland and Bessarabia (Romania)...Britain and Russia get Europe and Africa. But as Britain has predominating colonial interests, it might be assumed that Russia will predominate in Europe...The European people, which includes France, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, and Norway and of course our wartime enemies Germany and Italy, will simply have to endure the Russian domination in the hope that in ten or twenty years they will be able to live with the Russians.”
(See “The Cardinal Spellman Story” by Robert Gannon pp 222-24)

After the Yalta Conference, FDR told Averill Harriman that he did not care if the countries bordering the Soviet Union ended up communist.

FDR's words that nothing happens by chance in politics

One of FDR's most famous quotes reads:

"In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”

Mao. should it be assumed that FDR's deeds, which are described in points 1-17, happened just like that, because someone wanted it that way. Some can in this context be interpreted as THEY - FDR's superior puppet masters in the Illuminati.

Look to Norway

"Look to Norway" is a term from a speech by FDR, which was given in September 1942. The main content reads:

"If there is anyone who still wonders why this war is being fought, let him look to Norway.

If there is anyone who has any delusions that this war could have been averted, let him look to Norway;

and if there is anyone who doubts the democratic will to win, again I say, let him look to Norway.”

FDR held up Norway and the Norwegian people's democratic attitude as an example for inspiration.

This suggests that a statue of a respectable Norwegian with a democratic disposition should have been given to the nation of the United States as an example for inspiration and imitation. What logic is there in the fact that the opposite happened - that a statue of the undemocratic and deceitful power monster FDR appeared in the middle of Norway, where it is to this day?!

Strictly speaking, a statue of Josef Stalin or the Red Army's Marshall Shukhov should have been erected on Kontraskjæret, if the purpose of the choice of statue was to honor the most important contributor to the defeat of Nazi Germany and the liberation of Norway in 1945.

The new statue of George Marshall

At the foot of the Marshall statue, which was erected in 2008, it says "Erected by grateful Norwegians". 60 years after the Marshall aid, it is claimed that Norwegians are still "grateful" to the long-deceased Marshall. As if the good Marshall had turned up the aid that bore his name from his own wallet.

The text of the Marshall statue in Oslo: Myth maintenance anno 2008.
The text of the Marshall statue in Oslo: Myth maintenance anno 2008.

During the unveiling of the Marshall statue on 15 June 2008, Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre contributed to the maintenance of the myth by e.g. to say that:

"As Chief of Staff of the US armed forces from 1939 to 1945 George C. Marshall was one of the main architects of the allied victory in the Second World War."(See: http://www.norway.org/policy/ news/Marshall.htm )

11 out of 10 independent war historians would probably claim that Russian Marshall Shukhov and the Red Army contributed significantly more to the defeat of Nazi Germany than George Marshall.

War hero who outshone Stalin: Marshall Zhukhov in the Red Army.
Soviet war hero who outshone even Stalin: Marshall Georgi Shukhov


War-strategically, it was not quite...smart...to arrive at Normandy by sea long after the US forces had firmly established themselves on the mainland in northern Italy. Normandy - "furthest from Stalin" - was chosen as the landing site because it did not interfere with Stalin's plans in eastern and central Europe. George Marshall justified the choice of Normandy as follows to the British: "It would be 'more satisfying to the Russians'." In the Normandy year of 1944, Churchill went out and publicly complained that the United States treated Britain worse as an ally than the Soviet Union. Churchill has pointed out that the Normandy invasion was the only possibility of losing the war.

How can the good Støre, who claims to be one of the most enlightened politicians in today's Norway, speak to those degrees against those who know better, after having studied both history and political science in France?

Jonas Gahr Støre and Walter Mondale. Does the picture show 1 or 2 Illuminati puppets?
Jonas Gahr Støre and Walter Mondale. Does the picture show one or two Illuminati puppets?

A logical but surprising explanation is that Støre is an Illuminati puppet. Perhaps it is the Illuminati puppet and former vice-president Walter ("so cute that you have Norwegian ancestors") Mondale who is Støre's mentor in the hidden circles of power. It is at least a fact that Støre sought out Mondale in the USA just before the NATO meeting in Romania in the spring of 2008. To receive secret instructions from his puppet masters...?

Norway received approximately 460 million dollars in Marshall aid in the years after 1947.

There is a popular expression that says "You should not accept anything - because it is not free". Before the war, Norway had been a poor, but free, proud and independent country, as it was i.a. is pointed out in FDR's "Look to Norway" statement.

Why was it not considered whether Norway should receive the Marshall "aid" as a loan on commercial terms, with interest and installments that had to be serviced until the loan was repaid? Would this not have been a decent price to keep Norway's self-respect? After all, Norway was not in ruins, as was the case e.g. was with Germany.

The question of how the Marshall aid was financed should also have been a natural element in the assessment before the "aid" was decided to be received. Before the US entered the war, the US national debt amounted to 49 billion dollars. When the war was over, the debt had increased to 258 billion.

How did the USA manage to get the money - how was the "aid" financed? Were the aid funds borrowed from commercial banks while the American government itself was in charge of paying the interest and repayment, with tax money collected from American citizens who at the time had more than enough for themselves and their families? Or were they allocated directly from the US state budget, which was made up with a large deficit?

Why did Norwegian politicians then and now have to behave like beggars throwing themselves at some silver money thrown to them by an apparently rich but in reality deeply indebted uncle? A begging attitude that was expressed as follows by Støre in 2008:

"We are talking about an aid program of hitherto unknown dimensions. For Norway, this meant, among other things, an opportunity to prioritize industrial construction. To think long term. For the average American, it could not be obvious that the United States should spend new billions of dollars in Europe."

Industrial construction using "gifts" with many strings attached. What kind of attitude is that? The attitude towards Norway as America's eternally obedient poodle. What if Norway had taken out loans and entered into strategic partnerships with commercial partners as Norway had developed economically before the war? And what about the fact that a large part of the Marshall aid was precisely - loans? The Marshall aid was not free, rather a high price for condemning oneself to lasting gratitude and submission.

Marshall aid should be repaid in full

Strictly speaking, the Marshall aid should be paid back in full and with interest. Not as a "gift" to the horribly indebted Uncle Sam in 2009, but as a reasonable price for Norway to finally regain its independence and self-respect as a country and people by cutting ties and finally being free from the Uncle Sam complex. What role does it play if the amount will amount to 3 or 5 billion dollars in today's currency? It will not even be noticed if it is decided that the Oil Fund shall make this repayment as a repayment of a debt that is long overdue.

NATO's Atlantic Committee erected the statue anonymously

Neither the Marshall statue's text nor any of the many speakers during the ritual unveiling named the statue's originators and sponsors, as would have been natural. It's a bit funny.

The fact is that the initiator and sponsor of the statue of peace prize winner Marshall was the Atlantic Committee , which is something along the lines of a superstructure or an underuse of NATO. A NATO that appears less and less peace-loving and all the more focused on good old-fashioned war in the form of invasion and occupation.

The Atlantic Committee's websites contain, among other things, information for school pupils about why it is necessary that NATO, both the USA and Norway, have to wage a year-long war in the not-quite-Atlantic Afghanistan.

The information "Afghanistan package - an educational resource" is myth-making propaganda for school pupils (see: http://www.atlanterhavskomiteen.no/afghanistan). The introduction to the propaganda lie for the very little ones reads:

"11. In September 2001, suicide terrorists hijacked four airliners and crashed them into important buildings in the United States. The actions were planned by people hiding in Afghanistan…”

Myth-making for a new generation. From the Atlantic Committee website.

Note how a cunningly hypocritical symbolism is woven into the text for the Marshall statue. Words such as "Peace Prize Winner" and "Grateful Norwegians" are used as a platform to indoctrinate a new generation of Norwegians with the Uncle Sam myth. The myth that Norway is obliged to support Uncle Sam's criminal military operations completely beyond Norway's own security needs (was Afghanistan ever a military threat to Norway...?) is communicated as a matter of course.

The Atlantic Committee's hypocritical intentions in the form of "occupation called democratization" were clearly articulated by Assistant Deputy Secretary of State in the Clinton administration and researcher at The German Marshall Fund of the United States and the Council of Foreign Relations, Ronald D. Asmus, in a lecture in Oslo under by the Atlantic Committee in 2004.

In good company among like-minded people, NATO's hypocritical silk glove was taken off and NATO's criminal iron hand was displayed with pride and self-awareness:

"Asmus's point is that NATO is still an extremely relevant organisation. Not as a defense alliance of Western territory - primarily European - but as a democratization project for the entire Middle East... The new paradigm involves nothing less than the transformation of societies in an expanded Middle East."
See  www.nytid.no/arkiv/artikler/20040318/en_ny_transatlantisk_masterplan

More than 1 million dead Iraqis have already experienced how "democratization" carried out with the help of the US armed forces is experienced, a process that is ongoing in Afghanistan and is currently eating into a Pakistan that is experiencing increasing destabilization as a result of US and NATO trigger-happy presence in the area.

The statues of Roosevelt and Marshall should be removed

If historical facts and poorly incorporated myths are to be the criteria for who deserves a place on a plinth on Norwegian soil, the statues of FDR and Marshall should be removed.

To fill the void on FDR's current pavilion site on Kontraskjæret, e.g. a statue of a Norwegian is placed where FDR is now. This can e.g. be a Norwegian politician, preferably a democratic man of honor of the cast that FDR had in mind when he uttered the words:

"... if there is anyone who doubts the democratic will to win, again I say, let him look to Norway."

The fact that Norway was freed from the German occupiers gave absolutely no guarantee that Norway would become democratic again. The Norwegian jurist and historian Synnøve Fjellbakk Taftø has stated that in the period 8 May to 13 December 1945 Norway was legally occupied by the allied nations USA and Great Britain ("Nornen's report" by Synnøve Fjellbakk Taftø p. 44).

In Johan J. Jakobsen's book "Makten og æren" an account is given of how a coup d'état was attempted against Norwegian democracy while Norway was occupied by the Allies in 1945:

"As an active resistance member, Trædal was well aware of the bitter conflict between the Home Front's leadership and those parts of the resistance movement that were critical of the fact that the Home Front's leadership would set aside both the Storting and the elected municipal councils and establish a transitional government, without constitutional and democratic anchoring."
("Power and honour, the biography of Nils Trædal" by Johan J. Jakobsen p. 14)

It was not least thanks to the Farmer's Party chairman Nils Trædal and his political allies' persistent efforts to save Norwegian democracy after the end of the war that the Storting's power and Norwegian democracy were saved in 1945 and through the critical years that followed.

A statue of Nils Trædal should replace FDR

Nils Trædal - a Norwegian politician with backbone. This statue is located in Sunndal municipality.
Nils Trædal - a Norwegian politician with backbone. This statue is located in Sunndal municipality.

Will, courage, firmness of principle and a good portion of traditional Norwegian honesty were important qualities of Norway's great politician Trædal. The politician and author Johan J. Jakobsen has said of Trædal: "Trædal's democratic disposition and sense of justice run like red threads through his active life." ("The power and the glory" p. 20)

For biographical information about Nils Trædal, see e.g. http://www.regjeringen.no/nb/om_regjeringen/tidligere/oversikt/departementer_embeter/embeter/statsminister-1814-/nils-tradal.html?id=463386
Trædal's will to fight for what he held dear was expressed in his memorial speech for Czechoslovak Foreign Minister Jan Masaryk in the spring of 1948, who had been accidented (ie killed in a way that was camouflaged as an accident) in a fall from his office window in Prague. Trædal said this about the murder of Masaryk: "Events like this tell without words more than anything else what it sometimes costs to stand up for what one is convinced of!"

When the Storting convened in October 1948, the issue that probably engaged Trædal the most was the so-called "White Book" of the commission of inquiry from 1945, whose official name was "The Government and the home front during the war".  The white paper contained, among other things, documentation of the controversial and sensitive correspondence between the Home Front leadership and the London government during the war.

A few days before the "White Book" was to be presented and debated in the Storting, Trædal accidented out of a window in the apartment building in Oslo where he lived. Trædal fell out of a window in a stairwell in a way that practically would not have been possible without someone "helping" him to fall. As it is said in good Norwegian:

In politics, nothing happens by chance. If it happens, be sure it was planned that way.

As a curiosity, it can be mentioned that James Forrestal, who was US Secretary of Defense when Marshall was Secretary of State (1947-49), was accidented from the 16th floor a few months after Trædal, in May 1949. Open window accidenting by patriotic politicians took hold in the years after the war. Is it possible that the accidenting and other  mafia methods had their effect, and that this is part of the reason why Norwegian politicians have been so eager to wave after the USA and the EU and so clumsy with knee-jerk Norwegian interests in the post-war period, a fact like in 2009 is more obvious than ever?

The statues of Franklin D. Roosevelt and George C. Marshall should be removed from Norwegian soil, and replaced by a statue of Norway's great politician Nils Trædal. A Norwegian politician who showed true patriotism and fearlessly stood up for his principles when democracy was most threatened, and then lost his life for Norway's democracy, really deserves his statue in the city of power, Oslo.

Why are Norwegian politicians so happy to accept alms in any form from Uncle Sam, and so strangers to give gifts to the United States, given between equals?

How about straightening your back and acting with some real self-respect on behalf of Norway?

A new magnificent statue of Nils Trædal should be made in two equal editions. One can be placed where the FDR statue is now. The other can be donated as a gift to the United States and sent to Washington DC for placement in a suitable location. In this way, the USA's political leadership does not need to "look all the way to Norway" in order to get some exemplary inspiration related to honesty, principledness, uprightness and genuine democratic disposition in politicians.

Norway that, after repaying its received Marshall aid with interest plus a little more and has managed to detach itself from its myths enough to be able to move up the two Uncle Sam statues in Oslo with plinths and symbolism will have a better opportunity to function as a free and independent country, without feeling either duty or urge to submit to the Uncle Sam illusion. 

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