Jul 3, 2024

πŸ”­〰️πŸŒ€ (The Blob Anomaly) Hurricane Beryl Cat 5 stems from norwegian Bouvet Island? Has already killed 6 people in southeastern Caribbean ~ July 3, 2024 ~ |


Editor's Note: this is news to SoTW. TiktokkersReddit and Telegram users are now claiming that world's most remote Island owned by the norwegian govt in South Atlantic Ocean possess geoengineering technologies that for many years has been able to create many hurricanes and superstorms and much more. Most of you must have heard about the EISCAT (HAARP) TromsΓΈ (Norway)?. This 'guy' from "Weird Shit" claims BI has weather manipulation/modifications technology from monitoring  NASA's could images that shows consistent Yagi–Uda antenna cloud formations or HAARP cloud pattern coming from BI since 2017 (and perhaps before). P.S.: BI reminds about Devon Island - the remote Canadian Island known as MARS on earth!... |  

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