Jun 24, 2024

🌊⚖️🏝️ (Words are Swords) SoTW; The Maritime (aka Admiralty) Law aka Law of The Sea aka Law of the Water | Law of the Land aka Freeman On The Land aka Freeloaders on the Land ~ June 24, 2024 ~ |

➝ Understanding the Birth Registration Process. 🔑

A Lesson in Legalese and How You, a Living Person, are represented by a Legal Strawman or Ens Legis

Maritime Admiralty Law - Jordan Maxwell

Know the scam that this system is built on.  The word "register" means to abandon under Maritime Admiralty Law.

Admiralty law and how legalese is used to bind your Strawman

The most important aspect of this deception is the misconception that we are legal entities governable by civil law or Maritime Admiralty Law. 

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