Jun 19, 2024

🎴🔮💖 (TRUTH PUPS NEWS) JUNE 18th 2024-WORLD NEWS! ~ June 19, 2024 ~ |


Editor's Note: (IMHO) What TBJ says about G/NESARA (that would also mean RV/GCR) will basically not happen. Like in (nut) happen (like in nerdy nut). SoTW trust that we will see the implementation of RV/GCR/GESARA taken place. 

And in her rant she also mentions Clif High who's even a bigger (nutter). Please remember what SoTW told you - my higher-self says;  TBJ delivers 60% truth. That said, a great video. Buuutt, TBJ's long speak about; never taking money from the government, being independent, creating your own business, do not expect to see any money in your account (G/NESARA) - yaddeyahdah!. 

Please use your spiritual discernment. Like my DK holistic ND says; "there are none of the spiritual guides or gurus, apart from the MASTERS, who do not have an ego, says Louis. Everyone has an ego". 

TBJ is also, BIG BUSINESS and her direct brash style and megalomania, also makes her enemies. I AM 100% sure of that. The net worth of Tarot by Janine's channel through 23 Dec 2023 = $137,915 and I think that number is much higher with $5 monthly ($4.99 · $53.90) payment and 30.000 + paying followers (and or earnings from Jean-Claude@BeyondMystic, tip-jars, buy-me-a-coffe, expensive medicine-courses, selling silver etc. etc.)... |  


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